Sad news


Sad news yesterday about a real super hero. If you read my blog recently you may have seen the one about a visit to the library from Batman and his Batmobile. This was the guy. In addition to appearing at libraries and car shows he spent a lot of his time and money visiting sick children. He had a charity to help them and really promoted it. He made his money early and put together his love of Batman and children to really help others. He did great work and was respected and liked for it. I had a chance to witness him at the library I work at last month. He stood there in full Batman costume in the heat greeting kids with a smile, getting tons of pictures taken, answering every questions under the sun and the whole he was obviously enjoying what he was doing. A real loss.


Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste, I’ve been around for a long, long year…oh just kidding it’s me Skeletor, here to debut my new column. This month’s animated villain (s) of the month are….



Gargamel and Azrael from the Smurfs. Gargamel is the one with less hair. He fancied himself a wizard of sorts. He normally botched things up with his lack of magical knowledge. However he did stay true to being evil and always tried coming up with plots to catch or overpower those sickening blue, little creatures. His cat Azrael failed a lot too however he also stayed nasty so I have to admire that. Just look at them- pure meanness and those goes a long way in my book. So next time you watch the Smurfs maybe cheer on these guys for once. Until next time…this is Skeletor saying stay evil.

Super hero book hedgehogs


If you have an old book that you won’t use for reading purposes you can look online for instructions on turning it into a book hedgehog. This summer a coworker and I took it a step further and did a program turning them into super heroes. Here are some examples we made. We have Iron Man, the Hulk and Wonder Woman. The program went well as kids created Batman, Spiderman and others.


Recent aquisistions


I have not bought much lately. Just been going through old stuff I hadn’t seen yet and there’s still plenty of that. However recent a friend bought all seven seasons of Buffy and all five of Angel for thirty bucks. Neither of us had ever seen it although both of us are big Firefly fans. He had asked if he didn’t like it would I want to buy it from him for what he paid for it. I said yes because it seemed like a great price. Also knowing his tough standards I figured he wouldn’t like it and after three episodes of Buffy he sold it to me. Now I never watched either of these shows when they were on. After I got into Firefly I was curious about Joss Weedon’s other shows and had wondered them. Despite the great words I’ve heard about Buffy and Angel I still had this fear it would be more soap opera than I’d hoped. Well I’m on the last episode of the first season of Buffy and I am hooked so far. Really looking forward to the rest of the seasons. It’s likely that reviews of episodes of Buffy and Angel will find their way into my upcoming Halloween Hootenanny.

Upcoming junk and stuff

The Halloween Hootenanny is coming up soon. I hope to start actually in the middle of September. For the last two weeks of that month I’ll have two weeks of reviews of Halloween or monster related TV shows. Each week will have a different theme and I’ll aim for three shows per week. When we get to October I’ll continue doing three reviews per weeks and on themes throughout that month. Also in October I will add in a Friday feature and right now I am leaning towards doing a 1940’s horror film every Friday that month. I am hoping to get back into writing more in August but it will only be occasionally because my work is still busy through summer and I want to allow some extra time to get ready for doing all those Halloween related reviews. However for August I will aim to have these topics out at least.
-It came from the Bargain Bin featuring the two 1970’s Captain America films.
-a review of the 1957 film The Black Scorpion which I just picked up at Goodwill and have not seen since like the late 1990’s.
-some pictures of some Super Hero book hedgehogs I made at a recent program
-something about games and sports in sci-fi
-also the debut of a new monthly feature. If you have been following the blog for a while you may remember back when Mechagodzilla hosted “Mecha G’s monster of the month”. Now I have hired on a former cartoon villain to host an animated villain of the month feature. I won’t reveal who this villain/host is yet, but feel free to guess in the comment section.

Star Wars and stuff


Here are some pics from a recent program at one of the bigger libraries in our county ( I work at one of the medium sized ones). That’s my daughter with R2 and me with a stormtrooper. My son was too shy to pose with a character, but we took a picture of him playing a game at the library. The doodle was something my wife did. Yes we are looking forward to the new film.

le pl r2 r2h st

Batman visit

Batman visited my place of work the other day and he brought his Batmobile with him. This year’s summer reading theme is super heroes so he tied right in with my theme. We had over 1,300 people come to the library that day which is well over three times what we would get on a regular Saturday in the summer. It was the biggest crowd I have seen at a library event in my 15 plus years of working for the system. It was chaos, but very cool. Here are some Batmobile pics and a link to a video done by the local paper.



DSC06161 DSC06162


Not far off


Halloween is less than four months away. The beginning of my Halloween Hootenanny will start even before that. I’m hoping to start with reviews of Halloween and scary related TV shows in mid-September and run it through to the big holiday in October 31st. I’m currently making lists of shows to include and narrowing it down. Hope you stop by for the festivities! Bring you own candy corn.