Dr. Who and me


I was getting into sci-fi around the time Tom Baker was finishing up as the Doctor. I only knew this because of articles in Starlog magazine. I was interested in any sci-fi shows or movie back then, but Doctor Who wasn’t on where I could see it then. I tried reading some paperback novel with Baker as the Doctor on the cover. Seems like I picked it up at the local used bookstore. Without ever having seen the show and understanding very little about the characters I quickly gave up on the book.That was probably like 1982. As the 80’s went on I know of the changes of who was playing the Doctor from Starlog. I probably didn’t think about the character at all in the 90’s until like maybe 98-99. I was back into sci-fi and didn’t yet have a DVD player. I saw some Dr. Who VHS tapes in some catalog and loved the covers. I considered ordering one, but it seems like I ordered some Hammer films instead. A few years after that of course Dr. Who was back and I had a DVD player. I considering buying some DVDs, but the prices were high and the run times were short so again I passed and skipped this universe. In recent I could have checked out DVDs of the show at my place of work, but just didn’t. Then recently I said “ah let’s give it a go”. I checked out DVDs with Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton ( both who I was familiar with from some horror films they’d been in) as well as the last three Doctors. Have to admit I have been hooked since watching them and am now putting in requests for more DVDs and books to learn more about Dr. Who’s universe. My only regret is not trying to see it much sooner. More thoughts on the Doctor will likely be coming at some point in the near future.

Ten things I learned from the house on Haunted hill


1-Don’t stay in a haunted house even for money.

2-Don’t drink so much at a haunted house because you’ll freak yourself out.

3-Try not to get the room with blood leaking from the ceiling

4-If you get locked in a haunted house for a night got to your room and avoid everyone.

5-Don’t go in a room by yourself because a creepy blind woman might be there.

6-If you give guns to everyone someone will likely get shot.

7-Giving a gun with blanks to the crazy woman has it’s ups and downs.

8-Plastic skeletons can be deadly.

9-Having a vat filled with flesh eating acid will likely cause harm for someone.

10-A guy who holds a party at a haunted house may not be as crazy as you think.

Hotel Transylvania 2



Mavis (Dracula’s daughter) married a human. Now she has a son. Drac and all his monster buds hope the boy will be a vampire too, but he has yet to sprout fangs and there is a chance he could be human. Behind the back of Mavis Grandpa Drac takes his grandson on some wild adventures hoping to get his fangs to pop put. Instead it just puts him in danger and Mavis threatens to move. Eventually the grandson gets his fangs, saves the day and all is normal as it can be.

The negatives- Mavis comes across as being very sour for most of the movie which was hard to take since she was so likable in the first one.

The positives- The humor was very much similar to the first film which I also enjoyed. I thought the monster references were great. Overall the film looked very good.

Both my kids liked it and said it was almost as good as the first one. I agree with my kids on this one. Definitely worth seeing if you liked the first  one.




In this world author R.L. Stine disappeared after being a successful author of kid’s horror books. This goofy teenager falls for the girl next door. He and his goofier new friend end up finding out that the girl’s dad is R.L. Stine (Jack Black). They also find out he keeps the monster of the books locked away in the original manuscripts. So no one messes with them and nothing bad happens .. the end. Yeah, right the goofy teens let the monsters out and Slappy the ventriloquist dummy burns the books so they can’t go back into them. The monsters go on a big rampage across the town. Stine says he has to write a new book with all the monsters in it where they are defeated in order to get them back in. Slappy tries to stop him, the kids try to stop Slappy and there’s a bunch of other stuff thrown in there including Stine’s daughter been created by him writing him up. Everything turns out fine or does it?

The negatives-Younger kids might find the relationships to be too sappy. The ending ties things up awfully quickly. As a fan of the original book series I felt like I only a sprinkling of the monsters I was expecting to see.

The positives- Glad to see any version of Goosebumps and they did a decent job reviving it in this form. Jack Black was a solid fit for playing Stine ( note – look for the real Stine making a cameo as a teacher at the end of the film). I thought the monsters looked pretty darn good as they largely went by the images from the covers of the 90’s books.

My son said it was good and he really liked the Abominable snowman. My daughter stopped watching after like 30 minutes and said she didn’t like Goosebumps as much as she used to. I thought it was overall decent and might would buy it if it ever comes to the $5 bin.

Upcoming junk and stuff


This coming week I hope to finally get back to doing some more reviews. I recently watched Hotel Transylvania 2 and the new Goosebumps movie with my kids so I’ll review those two. I’ll also tackle the William Castle classic The house on haunted hill. I have been trying to cut down on buying so many DVDs. However on a recent visit Ollie’s I saw the above 20 film Spaghetti Western collection for a cool $2.18. I couldn’t resist it for that price. I’ve already watched two movies off of it. I won’t name names, but I’ll just say one was decent while the other was semi-painful to watch.  There’s a chance I’ll review a movie from this collection this coming week as well.

Take care!

80’s arcade games

I have not written one of these since like Spring of last year. Here we have Burger Time from 1982. As the player you take on the role of Chef Peter Pepper you are trying to put burgers together by running over the parts and making them fall until you have all pieces in place. However hot dog, egg and pickle are trying to stop you and your burger making. You can crush them if you can have a food object fall on them as they pursue you. Then they quickly reappear. I loved this game, but was never much good at it. I’ve played it in recent years and I’m still not much good at it. Still I like gameplay, the music and the original idea. Definitely a classic 80’s game.

Wild wild west villains by the numbers

Michael_Dunn_Richard_Kiel_Wild_Wild_West The Wild Wild West Seasons 1-4 DVD m02 www wwww

1-Two out of every three villains uses knock out gas.

2-Three out of every five villains wants to rule either the world or at least the United States.

3-One out of every three women who begins working for a villain will turn on them when their plan starts to fall apart.

4-Two out of every five villains knows how use poison to knock someone out, but not kill them.

5-Three out of every five villains has a hidden passage and or stairway.

6-Four out of every six villains can see through disguises used by Artemis Gordon.

7-Five out of eight villains carry a concealed small knife or gun.

8-One out every four fights is the number that henchman win over James West, but the win is never the final fight of the show.

9- Ten out of ten villains think their evil plans will work.

10-Zero out of ten villains have their plans work out in the end.

Upcoming junk and stuff


It’s been tough this week  with the kids being off from school because the schools are struggling to clear the snow out and other things going on. I hope to have something about Wild, wild west out tomorrow. Next week I should be able to get to reviewing some movies. Not sure what I’ll review. Maybe I’ll get brave pull out some of those bargain bin horror collections and watch some grainy version of a zero budget film I have never seen before.


Take care!

Snow and more snow

It started snowing in my area around sunset on Friday and snowed until about an hour sunset on Saturday. It dropped almost 30 inches of snow and at times the winds hit 35 MPH. I spent the better parts of Saturday and Sunday shoveling but now we are out. School is still out for the kids. Fortunately the power never went out. I spent much of Saturday watching Wild, wild west and the Adventures of Brisco County. Hope to get back to posting reviews soon.

Take care!