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Missed doing Buffy, but will throw the review in this week. Right now I am only one review behind which is more on track than I have ever been before. The others I hope to review are episodes of Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo and Spongebob Squarepants. If I can get those four done this week I will be on track for the final full week of the month. Hope you enjoyed the nonsense so far!

Lost in space-Ghost in space


Doctor Smith is told to set this explosive off in in a bog after John Robinson has a minor injury. Bad decision of course as we know Smith will screw it up royally. He does just that as fear overcomes him and instead of placing the explosive where it’s to go he tosses it sort of towards the direction it’s supposed to go and then runs off. Don hears the explosion and senses it doesn’t sound right doesn’t question Smith much on it. The filed explosion causes a monster to be unleashed. Meanwhile Smith talks Penny into playing with the Quija board with him. He says they can avoid work this way summon up the spirit of his Uncle Thaddeus this way to communicate with him. The real monster that Smith caused to pop up starts stirring, but Smith being the boob he is believes that his use of the Quija board has summoned up the spirit of Uncle Thaddeus. The rest of the crew doesn’t believes Smith supernatural explanation, but Don thinks Smith could be responsible for the situation because you know he just about always is the source of their troubles. The monster wants power from the ship and can drain it, but only at night. It also has three toes and can turn invisible. A sing a long Quija session doesn’t work and neither does trap that John and Don made. Smith still thinks it’s his uncle. That seems doubtful although if he is as much a troublemaker as his nephew is then maybe it is. However it’s not him. Smith and Will still go out to attempt a ceremony to stop Uncle Thaddeus. However the monster shows it itself to Smith who likely soiled himself and of course he runs off leaving poor Will. John goes after his son and manages to dispatch the monster and save Will. At the end of the episode Smith makes more of a rear end of himself. Roll those credits.

The negatives-Not so much.

The positives-If you are a fan of the show then you likely enjoy this one.

It’s a first season episode which means black and white and a bit more serious than the later seasons. However it’s the second half of the season which means it had begun being the Smith, Will and the robot show which is A-Okay by me.

Barney Miller- Werewolf


An elderly couple visiting New York gets robbed and Barney tries to get their stuff back. A nurse is there to give shots for the swine flu and the detectives have to wait a while after that before relieved. The biggest event is when Wojo and Harris bring in a howling dude who says he’s a werewolf. They had to subdue him in Central Park. He goes to tell that his granddaddy wad a werewolf, would that then make him his granddoggy? He asks them to lock him up because the moon will be full and well they were going to lock him up anyways. Harris hits on the nurse, but she tells him while she finds him attractive she is waiting for a doctor to marry one day. The “werewolf” begins to howl and proclaim the transformation is coming while he is caged, but it never comes. However some folks from a mental hospital to come to take him for evaluations. Everything then comes down a little and roll the credits.

The negatives-If you are looking for a horror show then this one isn’t for you.

The positives-It’s kind of what would happen if someone in the real world claimed to be a werewolf they’d write you off as a nut bar. This is early third season so the show was really coming into it’s own with it’s dry yet brilliant humor. A good episode of a classic show.

The Greatest American Hero-The Beast in the black



Ralph has a real estate agent friend who has tried to sell this old house with no success so it will be demolished. However his friend will let Ralph and his class take anything they want from the house to sell to possible get a new projector for the class. Yay boring educational films for all! Turns out there’s a spirit in the old house- a real nasty, spiteful one who shoves a wheelchair down the steps. Ralph get his class of 25 year old high school students to come and take stuff. Ralph also gets Bill to come at another time so Bill brings flashlights and Ralph brings his suit. Ralph sees things that Bill doesn’t because of the suit. He sees a female spirit trapped behind a brick wall although actually she’s in another realm (what the heck?). Ralph crosses over and gets the dickens scratched out of him by neon glowing beastie. He gets treated by a doctor (the inimitable Jeff McKay from Magnum P.I and Tales of the gold monkey). Bill and Ralph unwisely go back to the house to investigate more. Bill gets hit by a falling chandelier and apparently dies. However he comes back due to being possessed by the spirit of the mean, nasty woman. Ralph and possessed Bill have a go around which eventually leads to them crossing back into the other realm. Ralph’s suit has no powers there so he has to stand up to the neon beast by himself. This goes awful smooth compared to the previous encounter. The spirit leaves Bill and Bill and Ralph go back to their world leaving the spirit trapped in the other world -ew take that. Our heroes leave the house just as the wrecking crew shows up to demolish the place and thus trap the spirit for ever.

The negatives-The story isn’t the best as ghost stories go or as this show goes. This show works a lot better when they are taking on spies or thugs. Connie Sellaca’s character isn’t in this one and she is missed.

The positives-As always the two leads work well enough together even with a  sketchy story. Having Jeff McKay even in a small part was a huge plus.

The positives-As always

Friday the 13th the series Hellowe’en


To show that their store Curious Goods isn’t evil anymore Jack, Ryan and Mickie have an open house/Halloween party for the neighborhood. The party includes Ryan amd a friend scaring Mickie, Jack flirting with women young enough to be his daughters and people in lame costumes. Ah what fun. A couple of goofs ignore a warning sign and venture down where the cursed antiques are and they manage to arouse a crystal ball. This rouses some spirits who cause the guests to flee the shop. Jack uncharacteristically gets lured away by a lost little girl who turns out to be a nasty dwarf. The spirit of Ryan and Mickie’s Uncle Lewis (the one who sold those darn cursed antiques in the first place) is released and comes to ask Ryan and Mickie for help…yeah, right. It’s a trap and the cousins fall for it. Lewis tries to finish his evil plans, but eventually Jack gets free, Micky and Ryan get free. The three end Louis’ evil plan and send him back to vanquished spirit city.

The negatives-This was an early one so Micky and Ryan are still quite naive about what they are doing. Jack being lured away so easily happened a bit too easily as Jack was frequently the backbone of this unit and that didn’t happen enough in this one. After the Halloween party disaster the episode gets a bit slow.

The positives-Hey, it’s a Halloween episode and there’s a brief Halloween party in it. R.G. Armstrong (Predator, Children of the corn) plays Uncle Lewis to the hilt.

Overall a decent episode from a very good show that got better as it went along.

Tales from the darkside-Monsters in my room


Timmy has a jackass for a stepdad. He treats Timmy (a young Seth Green) rough because he says there are monsters in his room when he tries to go to bed. Of course macho, beer guzzling stepdad doesn’t believe him and yells at him to act like a man. This being the show that it is means that there really are monsters in Timmy’s room terrorizing him. There’s a tentacle something or other under his bed, a giant buzzsaw, a greyish creep in the closet and more. Wow, his room wasn’t big to start with but now it’s really crammed with all those monsters in it. Timmy continues to insist there are monsters threatening him at sleepy time. Eventually gets the courage to confront them and rule his room. However stepdad runs into the beasties and is brutally mauled by them .. okay actually he just has a heart attack and no one believes Timmy that his stepdad was weak and couldn’t face the monster. We know better.

The negatives-Like a number of episodes of this show it’s rather predictable. Although in this case I’d say the story is strong that being predictable doesn’t hurt it overall.

The positives-When I was watching this show back in the 80’s it seems I saw this one several times. Although the story isn’t horribly creative they took a simple idea and made it work. The acting is what it should be and the monsters look cool for the limited budget. Of course we all had to like the mean stepdad getting his.

Halloween Hootenanny


As promised all monster, Halloween and scary themed TV show reviews this week. The final schedule is as follows by the week for the four weeks of the month.

Friday the 13th the series, The Greatest American Hero and Tales from the darkside

Buffy, Barney Miller and Lost in space

Johnny Bravo, Speed Racer and Scooby Doo

Sabrina, Star Trek the next generation and The adventures of Brisco County Jr.

If I somehow for the first time ever review all that I plan I’ll throw out a bonus episode review on Halloween.

Gamera- Guardian of the universe



Gamera is back to battle these giants flying birds called Gyaos. Let’s face it the plot isn’t that important overall because most people are here for the giant monster battles. Forget about the silliness of earlier Gamera films. This one does borrow what Godzilla films that were done a few years before this and the makers of this film likely saw Jurassic Park a few times as well. What we get is a more serious effort than any previous Gamera film and perhaps more professional as well both in the effects, other visuals and even the acting and pacing.

Negatives-Takes a little while to get going.

Positives-Most everything else. The visuals are good for the time. They make good use of the scenery. I finally didn’t cringe when Gamera appeared like I did in many of his older films.

This was the first of three films for Gamera in the 1990’s and I enjoyed all of them. Gamera certainly isn’t Godzilla, but this film certainly showed a huge turnaround for the character and the series.

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2

super_g_vs-_super_mechag gvmg2_-_godzilla_vs-_super_mechagodzilla godzilla-vs-mechagodzilla-movie-poster-1020433270 godzilla-vs-mechagodzilla-ii-2


I could describe the plot of this one, but come on it’s a Godzilla film so we all know the plots are normally a mess and we just wait for the monster fights. The plot in this gets particularly bogged by the appearance of a baby Godzilla. Rodan and Big G fight then later Mecha G is powered up and he fights Big G. Baby G has an extra brain or something, I am assuming it used to belong to the writers of this film as they appear to have misplaced theirs while writing this script. Meanwhile Mecha G gets equipped with more weapons and is know know SupermechaGodzilla. I wonder if they had to pay more to do the film once he had the super added on? Anywho there’s more fighting, more destruction and unfortunately a little more of Baby G. Rodan gives a lifeforce/pixie dust/something or other to Big G allowing him to get up and finish off SupermechaGodzilla. Then Big G walks off into the water. Roll the credits.

Negatives-Baby G annoys the heck out of me and looks downright silly. The script is okay at best.

The positives-A fantastic amount of action helps this one greatly. Some people love King Ghidorah or Mothra, but if you read my blog much you may know I am a huge fan Mecha G so we get plenty of him of course and that’s enough for me. I love how he looks and his weapons here. I’ve never sat down and ranked all the Godzilla films and there are about three I have never seen, but for right now I think this one would definitely make my top ten.