The Galileo seven

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A group of seven crewmembers lead by Spock are out in the Galileo shuttlecraft in a quaser like area when they run into trouble and crash land on a planet. They have ship problems and need to get rid of some weight and need repairs just to have a chance to get out of there. Good thing there aren’t any giant sword flinging goons on the planet to effect their chances of leaving-oh wait there are. Things start going wrong and rather quickly two crewmembers are killed by giants and they weren’t even redshirts. McCoy and sourpuss Lt. Boma ride Spock about things going badly. Spock and Scotty still try to figure out if they can get the ship off this rock or not. Meanwhile back on the Enterprise Kirk and the crew are trying to find Spock and the rest, but it’s tough and a sour butt  named Commissioner Farris is breathing down Kirk’s neck to take him to his destination if Kirk doesn’t locate the Galileo and it’s crew soon. With two people dead Spock and the rest are almost down to the weight they need to take off, but not quite. These giants aren’t going to make things easy so they attack the shuttle, but Spock has Scotty shock them and they get the ship off the ground. has Kirk leave because his searching time is up. The Enterprise is leaving and heading away from the planet. The shuttle doesn’t have enough fuel left to pursue very far so Spock jettisons it and the others freak out. However Spock didn’t just do it take a pretty blast, he was attempting to do it as a flare with the hope that someone on the ship would see it. Kirk and Sulu spot it and go to try and beam the shuttle crew back before the shuttle burns up. They get the five back on the ship. Kirk and McCoy try to get Spock to break and admit that he jettisoned the fuel in desperation as a burst of emotion, but he won’t admit it and the others have a laugh at his stubbornness wahahaha. Roll the credits.

The negatives-I didn’t care for Lt. Boma at all with how he rode Spock.

The positives-This is a great episode for Spock as he struggles to understand why his logical moves are failing and eventually he takes risks when he realizes logic isn’t always the answer. The story and action are strong. The planet sets are one of my favorite in the entire series.

A classic Trek episode and a top ten in my book.

Ten things to like about Spock in Star Trek 2: The wrath of Khan

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1-He’s finally Captain of the Enterprise even if it’s just for a little bit.

2-Spock would be and was great training young officers.

3-It’s just minutes into seeing Spock that was know he is back to being the Spock we knew from the show (unlike STTMP).

4-Not everyone looked good in that uniform, but Spock did.

5-Spock isn’t bothered by much of anything or at least he acts that way.

6-He was an excellent mentor for Saavik.

7-He manages to rile up McCoy without even trying.

8-The “by the book” part was classic.

9-He sacrificed himself to save the ship.

10-Leave it Spock to think enough ahead to save his being and put something rough on McCoy for the next film.

Easily the best Trek film ever this one followed up the mediocre STTMP and managed to capture the spirit of the show as well.


*Up on Thursday it will be an episode with Kirk and Spock both be bullied by grumps, giants with big nasty spears and pretty much everything going wrong for the crew. That’s right it’s the first season classic The Galileo Seven where Spock is put to the test.

Star Trek- All our yesterdays

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Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet to tell them that their sun is soon going to go supernova and take out their planet. They find a library with a guy named Mr. Atoz and his clones but no one else. He says the people went to the place they selected and urges the landing party to do the same. He instructs them to look at these discs. Kirk plugs one in that looks like 17th century Earth. When he hears a woman scream aieeee he darts through this machine and goes to the time he was looking at. McCoy and Spock follow and vanish only to end up in an ice age place because that’s what McCoy was looking at. Thanks a lot, Bones. Kirk wonders where the others are, but he jumps into action and knocks down some guys wearing puffy clothes and sporting swords. Unfortunately for Kirk he just defended a thief and ran off some lawmen who have gone for help ooops. Kirk tries to find his way back, but the puffy pants wearing guys come back with help and march him off to jail. Meanwhile McCoy is freezing his bottom off and Spock tries to help him, but then a hooded figure shows up and leads them into a cave. Spock turns to say “thank you, sir” only to find that it isn’t a sir. She introduces herself as Zarabeth and says she was sent to this frozen wasteland by a mean dude. She helps McCoy to get better-oh how nice. Spock explains what happened to them and she says they can’t go back. Meanwhile Kirk is in deep poo. He’s already in jail for assaulting lawmen, but the person he helped and the lawmen accuse him of witchcraft because he tried to talk to Spock and McCoy back in the alley. The people of this time think he was trying to talk to spirits ahhhhewwww. Back in snow city McCoy has recovered, but feels down when Spock says they are stuck there. Then Spock starts getting weird. No I mean even weird for Spock. He starts to fall for Zarabeth, he eats meat and threatens to kill McCoy. What the heck? Hold that thought and let’s go back to Kirk. He talks to a prosecutor who reacts oddly when Kirk mentions how he came to this time by the portal. He realizes this guy came that way too. The man tells Kirk since he did not have his body set for the travel that he needs to hurry on back or he’ll die. The guy helps Kirk get back to the library, but Mr. Atoz thinks Kirk is a looney and he tries to push him back in time. Meanwhile in a frozen cave McCoy questions why Spock is acting different and they realize it’s because it’s a long time ago and Spock is acting like his primitive Vulcan ancestors did. McCoy also pins Zarabeth down and she admits that she can’t go back but they can. Spock and McCoy find their way back to the spot where they came in and hear Kirk directing them back. Spock says goodbye to Zarabeth, they get back to the library, Mr. Atoz hustles off to his time, the landing party get back to the ship, the planet is destroyed kaboom and roll those credits.

The negatives-My only real gripe is that if Spock acts in a primitive way because it’s back in time then wouldn’t McCoy have been effected in a similar way?

The positives-This is one of the few really good 3rd season episodes. Kirk gets a problem solving part, but Spock gets to let down his hair a bit whether he wanted to or not. He may not have wanted to, but fans certainly had to be intrigued by seeing Spock falling for someone while not under the influence on alien plants or being driven crazy by Vulcan mating rituals. There’s certainly a bit of sadness to the events when Spock returns from the past and realizes that those events did happen, but Zarabeth has now been dead for centuries.

Mariette Hartley was perfectly cast as Zarabeth. You likely know her most from the Polaroid commercials she did with Jim Garner. She has been in everything from Gunsmoke to the Mentalist. No stranger to sci-fi she has been episodes of Twilight Zone, Logans Run, The Incredible Hulk , a couple of Gene Roddenberry run pilot episodes and the 1969 space film Marooned.

Ian Wolfe was Mr. Atoz. He had a career that spanned seven decades. You probably saw him in the second season Trek episode Bread and circuses. He was in tons of movies like Mad Love and the Raven through to his last appearance in 1990’s Dick Tracy plus he was  in many TV shows and was in everything from the Andy Griffith show to Cheers.



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Star Trek-Mirror, Mirror

Mirror-Mirror-2x4-star-trek-5531974-500-375 Mirror-Mirror-2x4-star-trek-5531938-512-384



Down on the Planet Kirk is talking to the Halkin council trying to convince them to join the Federation. They are peaceful and don’t really want to join, but Kirk leaves it open. A storm comes up and the landing party consisting of Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura decide to beam back up to the ship. When they do some flip flopping happens and the landing party are in different uniforms on an Enterprise with a bunch of meanies. Spock has facial hair, Sulu has a scar and everyone is really mean. Our landing party isn’t sure what has happened so they go along with it and pretend to be their evil counterparts. Kirk is supposed to destroy the planet below for not giving into them, but he puts it off and has the rest of the wicked crew wondering about his actions. Bad Chekov and some others try to kill Kirk to move up in position, but they are stopped and Chekov is thrown into something called the Agony Booth which I think means he has to watch the “Spock’s Brain” episode over and over. Bad Spock tells Kirk he has orders to kill him if he doesn’t destroy the planet below. Meanwhile the rest of the landing party is working on setting a way to rig the transporter so they can attempt to beam back to their Enterprise. Kirk has a consort and a device that kills people with a touch of a button-wait so where’s the down side of being this Kirk? Bad Spock is just as sharp as good Spock because he knows that something is up with the landing party and he’s keeping an eye on them. He stops Kirk and takes him to the others, they attack bad Spock and eventually knock him out. Scar face Sulu and some red shirts show up to kill the good crew members, but they get some help, red shirts die and Sulu is stopped. McCoy tries to give medical attention to bad Spock (dumb) while the others go to the transporter room to wait. Kirk’s consort tries to force them to take her, but they stop her. Bad Spock wakes up and gets McCoy, but he takes him to the others and offers to beam them back to there ship. Kirk talks to bad Spock about considering trying to change the way things are on this ship and bad Spock says that he will considers it. The landing party gets back to their ship and find out their evil counterparts were there but are now gone. Kirk runs into a new officer who looks like his consort. Roll the credits.

The negatives-We only see a tiny clip of what the mean Kirk and landing party are like on the Enterprise we know. I would have liked to have seen more of them.

The positives-We see the “bad version” of a character on different shows, but Star Trek plays it out a little differently with Kirk trying to talk Spock and Marlena into changing how things are done in their world. The basic idea may not be anything special, but how it plays how and our characters respond to the situation is what makes this episode so good. Seeing Sulu and Chekov being mean is pretty cool too. We actually see another Vulcan on the ship (even though it’s the bad ship) when we see Spock’s bodyguard with him.

For Spock this is an important episode despite the fact that it’s his counterpart we still see that even this Spock has a strong sense of logic and the part of him that is striving or at least thinking about improving himself and his situation.


Spock week


Logans Run week has wrapped up and I hope that you enjoyed it. At some point in March I hope to do a Gamera week because I’ve promised Gamera reviews several times and never delivered so I need to. During the week of St. Patrick’s day I’ll dedicate the week to the Incredible Hulk show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. You know because the Hulk is green. At the end of the month I may tackle a Dracula week just so I can call it “Dracula Spectacula”. This coming week will be Spock week. The plan is reviews of Star Trek 2-The wrath of khan plus episode reviews of the Galileo Seven, Mirror Mirror and All our yesterdays plus something about what Leonard Nimoy brought to the role and the importance of Spock.

Logans Run-The Crypt



Logan, Jessica and Rem drive their rover into an old town until they notice a light on a building. They enter and trigger an old recording that details how a war had driven people into the building. Then a plague hit. They chose six people to be frozen until a cure could be found. The ones selected were picked based on their skills to be revived and start a new world. They were place down below in  a chamber. Meanwhile a cure was found and two containers were brought with enough to save the six people. However a mechanical problem with the elevator kept those above from getting to the six below. Thus this message was left for someone down the line to view and perhaps attempt to get below, revive the six and give them the antidote. Rem is able to fix the elevator so it works and they can get below and take the antidote. Down in a  hallway a tremor hits, the antidote falls from Logan’s hands and one of the containers is smashed is smashed- oopsy. They grab the remaining one and move on. Another tremor hits and revives the system holding the six. Logan and the others explain how much time has elapsed (lots) and how there is only enough antidote for three of them (bummer). It’s decided that Logan and Rem will hide the antidote and decide on which three will be cured. There is only two days before the virus revives and kills the six people. Meanwhile one of the six dies by accident, but later Rem reveals evidence that is was murder. Meanwhile our heroes decide that the way to pick who deserves it is to get to know them and decide that way. So Logan and Jessica do that. Rem begins checking tapes to learn more about them. Instead he finds a tape from someone involved with the project who says he has learned that one of the six is an imposter, but does not say who. Rem reveals this finding to everyone and poof the lights go out and pow the robotics scientist of the group has been killed by a gun left next to her. Logan gets the antidote and they all gather in a room. Rem plays Sherlock Holmes and addresses each of the suspects. It can’t be the doctor because she is obviously who she says because she has demonstrated medical knowledge. The ESP guy can’t be a fake because he levitated a vial out of Logan’s hand. The builder is sour but he says he built that building and could show them where every piece is. So that leaves the young computer person who turns out to have been a lower technician than the expert she set herself up as. She wanted to live and falsified her record to get a spot then killed two people in hopes to be cured. She grabs the container and threatens to smash it if she is not saved. Logan gets it from her, the other three use the cure and re-freeze the fake. Back to the ice, lady. Our heroes ride off and roll the credits.

The negatives-Not so much.

The positives-It’s a bit of a downer but it shows more background on what happened in the past. The main characters are thrown into a tough situation that none of them are comfortable with, but it makes for an interesting episode. Logan is pulled on by different people. Jessica finds that people from another time were looking for a better world long ago just like she and Logan are now doing. Rem faces some bigotry from the people the past who do not see him as an equal because there were no sophisticated androids in there days. Yet our heroes hang in there and try to help these people despite murder and some nasty attitudes.

Along with the Judas Goat and Man out of time I consider Crypt to be one of three best episodes of this oh too short lived series.

Logans Run-Judas Goat



A runner gets killed back at the city of domes-oh, man. Then the sandman that killed him has surgery to look like the slain runner (he also looks like 70’s Peter Parker/Spiderman because he’s Nicholas Hammond). Then with a new face he is given a new mission which is to pretend to be the runner and go out into the wild, find Logan and Jessica, then bring them back for punishment. He must be the greatest tracker ever as he finds our heroes like right away. He is pretending to be Hal and as that runner he once knew Jessica. Logan and the others take him into their big metal rover and off they go. The fake Hal proposes that Jessica and Logan return to the city to tell that their is life beyond the city and that this would help lead a major revolt. Jessica thinks it’s a good idea, but Logan has doubts. Then kapow the rover is stopped by animation and people all wearing skirts even the dudes. They take our main characters to the headquarters to see their leader. The leader turns out to be Matthew (Lance LeGault who you may recognize from A-team, Magnum P.I., Werewolf, Coma or one of his other many roles) the first runner-oh wow can I have your autograph? Anyways Jessica knew him and respects him. However he has become a bit of a paranoid wacko and uses these former farmers as skirted security guards to protect him. Hal keeps pushing at Jessica and Logan and even Matthew to get them back to the city. Logan is becoming suspicious of Hal and his intentions. Rem meanwhile can make computer adjustments at the building to help Matthew and his followers. He decides to stay and do this while Logan, Jessica and Hal will go back to the city. However paranoid Matthew is setting them up and tries to kill them after they leave his area. Rem stops Matthew but has to kill him to do so. Rem fixes the computer. The followers now act lost without Matthew, but our heroes advise them to live and grow things and take their own direction. Their leader Garth (Spencer Milligan not far from removed from playing the dad on The Land of the lost at this point) agrees and seems hopeful. Now Logan, Jessica, Rem and shifty Hal head back to the city. Hal acts too eager and Logan knows something is up. Hal caves and tries to attack Logan, but has his weapon knocked away and flees with Logan in pursuit. They are within sight of the city and a patrol of two sandmen sees them and comes over. Remember Hal who is really a sandman is dressed as a runner and Logan who is a runner is dressed as a sandman. So who do the scouting sandmen shoot? Yes, take that evil Hal. Logan hides head knowing the sandmen may recognize him and he knocks out the scouts when they get close enough. Then he runs back to his friends and they high tail it away from the city. Roll the credits.

The negatives-The only one I can think of is that Hal was far too obvious is his effort to persuade Logan. It only seemed to work because Jessica had faith in the Hal she knew and thought this was still him.

The positives- I like this episode a lot. I think they took two main ideas – Hal’s plot and Matthew’s crazy transformation and blended them together fairly well in an episode that really tested our heroes. The fake Hal represented the ruling powers desire to crush out their opposition and Matthew showed how a once noble cause could go wrong if it became about protecting yourself instead of helping others. Rem’s guilt at going against his programming and taking a life was well played as well. The supporting cast was solid. The animated beams were lame, but the city shot was decent and they used an exterior of a real building with some futuristic qualities to serve as the headquarters.

Upcoming junk and stuff


So long, Mr. Nimoy. I figured the news was coming, but I am at a loss for words right now. Hope to finish Logans Run week this week. Next week will be Spock week with reviews of likely The wrath of Khan, two episodes of the original series and something about feeling in  general on Nimoy as Spock and his impact on me and sci-fi in general.

Take care!

Logans Run the series

shot0290 pilotHUGE Logan's_Run_(TV_series)

I wanted to set this up before I get into reviewing two episodes from this show. The movie hit theaters in the summer of 1976 and it was a hit. It even spawned a comic from Marvel. However I think when Star Wars hit less than a year later in 1977 that kind of changed sci-fi films. Not just the spectacular effects of George Lucas’ creation, but the space opera action and the theme of hope went against the negative dystopian themes of so many sci-fi movies made between say 1968 and 1976. Anyways Star Wars did help boost sci-fi in general. So a Logans Run TV series was put together to go on in the fall of 1977. The Logan and Jessica characters would star just like in the film only played by different people. Logan was Gregory Harrison (from Trapper John M.D.), Jessica was played Heather Menzies  (The sound of music,Sssssss, Pirahna) and Donald Moffatt (The Thing, One life to live) was Rem They added an android Rem who Logan and Jessica would take with them when they left the city of domes to go in search of Sanctuary. The character of Francis the pursuing sandman was brought back as well despite the fact that the character was killed in the movie. In the debut episode they take the plot of the film and even borrow a lot of scenes from it, but put their actors and actresses in place of the originals. We see sandman Logan take up with runner Jessica and eventually leave the city to look for a better place called Sanctuary. The difference between the movie is that in the film Logan pretended to run as an assignment, but in the show he comes to believe in their being a better way than being killed when you hit thirty and that there needed to be a better place. They take the android REM on their journey and on occasion Francis and other sandmen give chase. Each episode our heroes run into a different situation or group of people while in pursuit of Sanctuary. Our heroes also have a land rover type vehicle that they ride around in. The surroundings may look familiar and is looks like they used some of the same locations used in the Planet of the apes show and Little house on the prairie. The special effects were lacking as they frequently used basic aniamtion for any kind of beam. However I think the scripts and the chemistry between the leads made up for the lack of budget. Some episodes were better than others, but largely I think they were on the right path.

D.C. Fontana (Star Trek) served as story editor for the show. The pilot episode went through numerous changes and re-shoots before getting the green light from CBS. The show initially had good ratings, but the network kept pre-empting it which likely caused it to lose some of it’s early audience. There was a time between mid November 1977 and early January 1978 where CBS showed only one episode in a six week span. Only 11 of the 14 episodes were shown on the West Coast, but all 14 are on the DVD set. I’m going to review two episodes between now and the end of the week. Enjoy!