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Movies I saw but don’t really remember


I wrote the other week about movies I couldn’t make it through. That started me thinking about films where I know I saw the whole thing, but I can’t remember a lot about it. Now that leads to me to thinking this is either because I am old and my memory is fading or the film wasn’t that good so it wasn’t worth remembering. Here are a few that I remember not remembering them or uh well here they are.

Pet Sematary two-Did there really need to be a sequel to Pet Sematary? Probably not since things seem to be wrapped up, but the same could be said for a lot of other of films. I saw this one in the theater and sat through it thinking it was alright. That was 1992 and I believe that I saw it on video a few years after that. Now I think back and I sort of remember that I they tried to add more humor in this film. I’m sure someone tried using the Sematary with bad results, but I cannot remember many specific details about it nor can I recall the ending.

Saturn 3-I saw this 1980 film on TV probably in the mid-80’s. It was set in space and had a giant robot so it had to be good right? Well, I know that sat through the whole thing. I remember the robot and that Farrah Fawcett and Kirk Douglas were in this thing, but as for plot and actual events I can’t remember a whole about this one. In looking at reviews it seems like this film isn’t highly regarded so perhaps it wasn’t just me.

Razorback-A friend of mine in college thought that this was a film they had seen, but it wasn’t yet we gave it a show anyhow. This 1984 film starred Gregory Harrison (Trapper John M.D., Logan’s Run the series) and involved a giant pig causing trouble in Australia. I remember the characters riding around a lot looking for this giant pig, but I don’t remember much more than that.

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