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Sundown-The vampire in retreat


The case says this film was made in 1990, but IMDB says 1989.

Directed by Anthony Hickox

David Carradine ad Mardulak

Morgan Brittany as Sarah

Jim Metzler as David

Bruce Campbell as Van Helsing

Deborah Foreman as Sarah the vampire who loves Van Helsing

Maxwell Caulfied as Shane the vampire whose stalking Sarah

M. Emmit Walsh as Mort, one of the grizzled vampires who works at the gas station oh and he knocks a dude’s head off early on the film.

John Ireland as Jefferson an old school vampire who wants to go back to sucking blood out of people.

What’s this about? I really want to keep this short because it could get way too long. Okay this film is a horror comedy with definite western elements. Purgatory is an isolated desert town made up of all vampires. Mardulak kind of rules the town and has a factory going to try create a synthetic blood for them to live off of. Shane oversees the plant but they need help they invite the mortal David who brings his wife Sarah and their two daughters to Purgatory so that David can help get the plant up to speed (he doesn’t know it’s for vampires). Meanwhile nasty old Jefferson remembers the good old days when vampires sucked blood from people and he doesn’t want the synthetic blood so he is secretly getting a rebellion together with an army full of mean and nasty vampires. About twenty minutes in the goofiest vampire hunter ever-Van Helsing wanders into town looking for Mardulak. We don’t meet Mardulak until 40 minutes in even though Carradine gets top billing. Along the way there’s like a ton of side plots- a human gets killed, his friends show up, everyone wants to bite them, Shane thinks Sarah’s youngest daughter is his, blah,blah, blah. Anyways all this eventually leads to a big shootout between Jefferson and his old nasties about Madulak and well, everyone else. Oh and Shane might be a wooden pretty boy but he did come up with wooden bullets that splinter on impact. So that explains how vampires can shoot other vampires. Of course you can guess which side wins.


Number of times that David Carradine looks like he’s forgetting his lines? About 1/3 of the time.

Number of times that Bruce Campbell acts like the stupidest vampire hunter ever ? 100% of the time, but he’s funny 100% of the time too.

Number of times that a stop motion bat turns into a naked Maxwell Caulfield? twice

The negatives? There are a lot of positives to this unfortunately barely known film, but to me the plot as it is goes around far too long. There are lots of side stories that only seem there to squeeze in all the B movie actors despite the fact that it doesn’t help the main plot. The gunfight seems to go on forever, it’s fun at first but it gets tedious.

The positives-Look at that cast, all kinds of of fabulous weirdos and I just listed the main people because there are more. The vampires can protect themselves with sunscreen during the daylight and we see wooden bullets. Okay, those are stretches but I liked seeing a few attempts at changes the vampire myth and worlds. The desert location in Utah made me sweat just looking at it, that’s a compliment. Oh yeah there are some stop motion bat beasties in this, strange but stop-motion! Always a plus.

This is a  crazy, messed up film that isn’t the best horror comedy ever. Yet it’s strange enough to be worth a viewing. Despite the cast it’s far from a classic, but it’s just off enough to be a cult classic of sorts.

4 responses to “Sundown-The vampire in retreat

  1. Oh I got to see this!! Lol.

  2. I might watch this, just for a laugh 😀

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