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Top ten giant movie monsters #5 to #1


5-Tyrannosaurus Rex-

It’s all fun and games until the power goes out and the T-Rex starts chasing people at Jurassic Park.



This fuzzy legged, one eyed menace chased Sinbad and his crew around in the 7th voyage of Sinbad.


3-King Ghidorah

I remember seeing this beastie for the first time as a kid and being in awe. What a powerful creature.


2-King Kong

One of the first monster movies I ever saw and still one of my favorites. If you ask which Kong then you need to turn in your monster lover’s license right now.



This long running beast has changed appearances and moods over the many years he has been around plus he has fought tons of other monsters. He still remains the best of all the giant monsters.

8 responses to “Top ten giant movie monsters #5 to #1

  1. great list, I thnk a lot of people would have put Kong at one and Godzilla at two, but I agree with you list – Godzilla is just a bit more awe inspiring (at least in the 1st film).

  2. He deserves the one spot.

  3. You left out the giant snake in the masterpiece that was ‘Anaconda’ starring Jennifer Lopez.

  4. Tyrannosaurus Rex!!! Godzilla!!!

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