Do werewolves get a fair shake?

If you get ME-TV then maybe like me you are planning to watch the classic The Wolfman on Svengoolie tonight. I know that I am, but thinking about that movie got me to thinking about how werewolves are shown in movies. I have always been a big fan of werewolves since I was kid. Of course I like most of the classic monsters, but werewolves always appealed to me because of the transformation element. However over the years I frequently wonder if they get a fair shake in the movies or not. It depends on the film I guess, but vampires tend some romantic qualities and sometimes real respect. Mummies can be nasty, but frequently they were royalty when they were alive so there is some of interest and maybe respect at least for who they once were. The monsters of Dr. Frankenstein get sympathy at times. Zombies? Well, you eat flesh then you are just an undead freak. Werewolves getting respect? Not so much. They generate and maybe that’s the whole point to many of the films and that’s the extent of what they should do. I remember watching the first Underworld movie years ago (shew-ee, thank goodness that didn’t get a sequel, oh wait) and shaking my head the how they showed werewolves as senseless beasts and bullet catchers for the vampires. I’m not pushing off on that movie, but it did make me think that werewolves have not always gotten the respect that other monsters have in plenty of movies over the years. Am I way off on this line of thinking? Perhaps or maybe I just being defensive about a monster I like so much.
***Feel free to chime in on the subject.