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So I’ll write something on Friday I hope. I missed doing Starlost Sundays this past week so I am going to double up and do one on Saturday and then one the very next day on Sunday. Hey, what’s up the picture of Vincent Price? Next week will be Vincent Price week from Monday through Friday. I hope to have out these topics-

Reviews of-

The Tingler

The Pit and the pendulum

An episode of F-troop with Price player a new guy in town who may be a vampire!


Top ten Price films

My history watching Vincent Price


***There you go.

Godzilla vs. Biollante

Godzilla_vs_biollante_poster godzilla_vs_biollante_gal01



Who’s in this?

Kenpachiro Satsuma as Godzilla

Kunihiko Mitamura as Kazuhito Kirishima

Yoshiko Tanaka as Asuka Okouchi

Masanobu Takashima as Major Sho Kuroki

Megumi Odaka as Miki Saegusa

Toru Minegishi as Lieutenant Goro Gondo

Koji Takahashi as Doctor Genichiro Shiragami

Toshiyuki Nagashima as Director Seiichi Yamamoto

Ryunosuke Kaneda as Seikun Okouchi, Azuka’s Father

Kazuma Matsubara as Super XII Coordinator

Yasunori Yuge as Prime Minister

Kenpachiro Satsuma as Godzilla

What’s this about? I watched this film three times and like most Godzilla films when characters are rambling on I am thinking “blah, blah, blah stop with this nonsense and bring on Big G”. Much of this movie leading up to the monster fights plays out like a B grade action flick with some Miami Vice reject type greasy thugs tossed in, but it moves alonmg well enough. Apparently the last time Big G was in town destroying buildings and stuff he scraped off some of oily hyde. A group of American soldiers try to get the scrapings (what an assignment)  because they contain Godzilla DNA, but someone else wanted it too and they took it by force. There’s a sub plot going back and forth with different people trying to get these samples while they shoot at each other and try to look cool in a late 80’s kind of way. From there we go to the scientists as we can tell they are science folk because they stand around and look thoughtful as they gaze into the distance. Dr. Shiragami is the main man of science here and he has been doing experiments with Godzilla’s cells. Eventually a big old flower headed thingie blooms out of a nearby lake oh and it shall be called Biollante. Then the flower headed thingie opens and Biollante starts calling out to Godzilla. This sounds like a dolphin with nasal congestion. Plus calling Godzilla to you is never a good thing …unless you’re watching this film and are ready for some monster action. The Super X II is sent to deal with Godzilla. It’s a remote controlled flying ship that looks kind of like an old style electric razor. Of course this ship is no match for Big G. Our most favorite lizard comes in closer and does battle with the giant flower headed Biollante. After much screeching, splashing and powerful breath blasts and it looks like the large plant is down for the count. The G man goes off to the nearest nuclear reactor to re-charge. The scientists babble on some more- who cares you are not Godzilla. Big G gets some missiles shot at him and another round with the Super X II. The science side (boo) try to shoot bacteria into the mightiest monster of all time with apparently no effects. The eggheads conclude that G’s body temperature is too low, I always knew he was one cool customer. If only they could shove him into a giant microwave oven or something like that, but actually the science dudes try to get him on these microwave plates that will heat Godzilla up kind of like a slice of pizza and then the bacteria will place. Before all that can happen a new more monsterous Biollante shows up, this one is more like Godzilla with teeth rough skin but it still plant qualites. They scream and fight while everyone else looks on. Godzilla looks like he is on the ropes (no,no,no). Then he shoots his atomic breath in Biollante mouth, yes fight dirty if you have too. This movie has been tiring on the mighty monster and he takes a header into the water after stumbling to get there. Biollante evaporates into animated sparkles and Dr. Shiragami sees the image of he daughter in the sparkles. Dr. Shiragami walks towards the sparkles “ew, pretty, sparkly” then ka-wham he gets shot by an evil agent still trying to get his greasy paws on the Godzilla cells. There is a chase and a final fight, bang-pow good guys win. Godzilla makes his way out into the water and roll the credits.

Number of times that Godzilla falls into the water-three at least, what a clumsy oaf
Number of buildings that get demolished-Not enough of them probably
Number of people with nothing to do but stand at stare at flower headed biollante- At least 150 or so.

The negatives? Parts of the film were a little hard to follow during the first viewing.

The positives? Godzilla being mean, fighting rough and dirty. What more could you ask for? This was overall a pretty good chapter in Godzilla’s long history. The action is solid, the humans are good enough, the settings are fine and the effects are good given the time and budget constraints.