The stack


So the biggest problem I have with movies is too many movies and too little time. In my mind I get these and think I’m going to have all this time watch all these movies, but somehow work, the kids, stuff to do at home,¬† the cats and other just soak up that time like a big sponge. Right now I have several large collections of various sci-fi and horror films plus some small collections and other various movies. The various movies are mostly big budget stuff made in the last 5 years and the reason they get skipped is because I am an old fossil and prefer older movies. Anyways those films are sitting there waiting to be watched and actually this site has given me an outlet that’s helped motivateme more towards watching some of these films so I can review them. I try to spend money of DVDs and mostly I have cut down a lot. However those darm bargain bins and the displays at Halloween always get me. Maybe those films are not any good and perhaps I don’t need them but at $5 can I really pass them up?¬†Around Halloween I picked up a two disc Sherlock Holmes set and a cheapie 10 movie horror set for five bucks a piece and have I watched them yet? No I have not, but some day I hope to get through all these films.

*Is anyone else in this same situation? What’s in your “to watch soon” pile?