Ten Vincent Price films that you should see


In no real order.

1-The house on haunted hill-Vincent as a stylish gent with a motive.

2-The house of wax-Playing the gentleman and the loon.

3-Pit and the pendulum-Price descending into madness in grand fashion.

4-The tingler-Total nonsense, but a lot of fun.

5-Masque of the red death-A stylish film for Corman with some real oddness thrown in.

6-The fall of the house of Usher-Price really get into his part playing what else? A nut.

7-Theater of blood-Vinnie gets to hamit up more than usual.

8-The abominable Dr. Phibes-Getting to play a wacko with a crazed plot.

9-Witchfinder general/Conqueror Worm-Price playing a brutal, nasty guy.

10-The mag magician-This one gets overlooked or billed as a copy of the house of wax, but I think Price is very good in this one.

There you go.


Starlost Sundays-Mr. Smith of Manchester


The regulars-Keir Dullea as Devon, Gay Rowan as Rachel, Robin Ward as Garth

The guests-

Ed Smith as Mr. Smith-paranoid ruler, liar and big time time supporter of polution and guns. Probably best known as Mingo on Daniel Boone.

Pat Galloway as Trent. She begins as an employee of Smith’s but soon becomes an exile.

What’s this about? Our trio are tied up and roughly get pushed into and office. Enter Mr. Smith president of Manchester and his assistant Trent. The question our group with Smith believing they are spies uh oh. Devon tells that they stumbled upon the entrance to he dome. Smith shows that’s a lie because he trusts no one and he plays the video showing the trio clearly figuring out a way to get into the dome. Since the trio says no more Smith has them taken away for a little bit of torture and interegation. They tell some crap about being from Cypress corners and that the Ark is on a collision course and they are trying to find help-oh wait that is the truth. Trent believes them, but Smith still has doubts. Eventually Smith lets them go and acts all nicey nicey. Around this time he reveals that the dome was made to produce small arms, but hundreds of years ago other people in the Ark tried to get them to stop making arms and actually sealed off their dome when they didn’t stop making weapons. Devon gives more details about the Ark being on a collision course. Smith says his engineers could help Devon and if Devon could them find a way out of their sealed dome maybe they could work together to get the Ark back on course, yeah right. However Smith seems anxious to get out of the dome. Trent still believes the trio are who¬† they say they are. Smith wrinkles his brow after she leaves, he is rotten to the core. While with the trio Trent begs them that if they finds a way out don’t tell Smith and also they have been building weapons for a war that would never happen. Obviously Smith was listening in because the guards rush into grab Trent and stun Devon and Garth. Trent is tortured and accused of making plans of attacking the Ark, oh my. Devon goes to see her and she has been beaten. She admits she did make up those plans but under orders from Smith as an assignment that helped her get her position, but now Smith was using it against her. What a sweetheart he is. Meanwhile Rachel and Garth are hunting around trying to find a way out. They find a corroded piece of equipment that may be part of something that would let them out. Then they get distracted by big containers that say “explosives”-wow what could be in there. Then they find tanks and boxes upon boxes of automatic weapons. Wait, smith said they just made small arms-could he be gasp lying? Then these two try a door to see if it’s a way out. Instead they go into a room filled with stacks shooting out nasty fumes-my goodness they have walked into a big city in the last forty years. Actually it’s just the weapons making factories shoot their nasty air. Rachel and Garth hack and fall over, but the guards find them and take them to the nurse to fix their booboos. The nurse tells them they are always being watched, she puts on a loud machine so she can tell them to not show Smith hot to get out and she tells them where to find mask filters if they need them. Once they are feeling better out trio argue with Smith about pollution and he poopoos them and says what’s a little black lung among friends. He says Trent has been releases and they think he’s not such a bad dude anyhow, but the nurse says that Trent has actually tossed Trent into the outside where all the pollution is. Our trio gets masks and go into the nasty smokey land to rescue a dying Trent. They get her out and go into the weapons warehouse because since Garth and Rachel mentioned an old door device Devon wonders if the key he got episodes ago will work to get them out. Our trio also now know that Smith has all these weapons and wants out of the dome so he attack others and take over the dome. Right before this Smith went after the nurse who helped out trio and he had a gun in hand so he used it to find out how much she had helped the trio and because he’s a slimeball. Our trio back at the warehouse know that Smith is near because he wants out and has been watching them. Devon calls out for Smith to show himself and that they had Trent. Smith comes to see Trent and he still an ass. Then he goes back to his side with his half a dozen armed guards and his secretary for some reason. Our trio pull weapons out from the boxes, put on their masks and let loose while SMith and his goons do the same. Bullets fly and fumes pop up but Smith and his side didn’t bring masks, oh holy heck so they get smoked out and flee. Garth shows Devon the old port he found on the wall and devon tries his key-whoa it works. They leave, sealing the door tight behind them hoping Smith never gets out.


Trent and Smith are standing, Smith’s secretary is seated.

The negatives-It’s seems like Smith may have become distrustful of Trust very quickly. Maybe this just re-enforces how paranoid Smith is, but it seems to happen quickly.

The positives-For this show this is certainly a strong episode. We get a powerful, lying, manipulative¬†nutcase who won’t be persuaded to be good by the trio. The trio are in real trouble for once. Also we get a shootout, some real action of some sorts. It’s a shootout on a budget and I am not sure how our trio learned to handle those weapons so quickly, but still it was good to see some action here for a change.

How could this episode have been better? Actually not many complaints because this epsiode had a good plot that made sense enough, it moved along well and the regulars and the main guest cast all gave solid performances. Good job.