F-Troop-V is for vampire


The regulars-Ken Berry as Captain Parmeter, Forrest Tucker as Sgt. O’ Roarke, Larry Storch as Cpl. Agarn, Melody Patterson as Wrangler Jane, James Hampton as Dobbs,Frank DeKova ad Chief Wild Eagle, Don Diamond as Crazy Kat

Guest-Vincent Price as Count Sfoza

What’s going on here? Vincent Price week marches on with Vincent Price putting in a guest appearance in the second season of F-troop. So Price rolls into town in a hearse accompanied by a crow he later introduces as brother.  Price is in full pale make-up with slick black hair and generic vampire outfit. Aieeee-he must be a vampire! Everyone is creeped out by the Count of course with the usual stumbling and bumbling from our main characters. That and a coded message the captain got about watching for spies have the men of Fort Courage on edge. The count begins to scare everyone when he compliments wrangler Jane’s neck and he even lives in the old creepy house in town because in all 60’s and many 70’s sitcoms every town had a creepy old house. Jane says she is delivering stuff to the count from her store. Captain Parmeter is supposed to meet her hours later. She is not there when he goes to her house so he worries, ooohhh maybe the newcomber/possible vampire grabbed her. So he gets Agarn and O’ Roarke and they go search for Jane at the count’s house. They run into spooky noises, a hidden passage and even a chicken gets the Captain’s hat on it and scares Agarn. Eventually their shenanigans awaken the count who wonders why these idiots are in his house. Jane shows up saying she didn’t have the supplies the count needed so she went to another town to get some and that’s why she was gone. Oh everyone is so sorry. The count is not a vampire although he says everyone where he is from in Transylvania was. He just wants to raise chickens. There is a bit at the end with maybe a real spy and the show wraps up.


I love F-troop so I was watching this for the 12th or so time and it’s a funny one. Price has a ball doing a sort of version of Lugosi with all the cheese thrown on top. By the late 60’s and into the 70’s Price was on a fair amount of comedy and variety shows so casting him was no surprise and he was a joy to watch.

***More Vincent Price week coming on Wednesday likely with a review of The pit and the pendulum.