My history with Vincent Price


As a little kid growing up in the 70’s the first time I remember seeing Vincent Price was in Brady Bunch re-runs playing  nutty archaeologist who captures the Brady boys thinking they are after his finds. I also remember seeing him on the Muppets doing a skit where he had vampire fangs. There were also these cool ads in comic books for a shrunken head kit with Price drawn in comic form telling how every kid should one. It’s seems like Price was on the box for the game board of Hangman back then, but I can’t remember if there was a commercial for it as well or not. That’s my only memories of Price in the 70’s which means I never saw him in a film until the 80’s. My parents were not horror fans by any means. However I remember a summer night in 1981 when the tv ended up landing on channel 45 (which didn’t always come in well). Ghost Host was on, this was a horror movie show with a voice over announcer. This week they were showing Tales of terror with Vincent Price. My parents let me stay up long enough to watch the first two segments. I just have spotty memories of them, but I know that I enjoyed it and at that point my knowledge of horror films was limited to Universal monster films and 70’s made for tv stuff. After it was several years before I would see a whole Price movie. The person who introduced me to Price films in the mid-80’s was this man…


If you grew up in the mid-atlantic area in the 70’s or 80’s and liked horror films then you no doubt recognize him as Count Gore De Vol the host of Creature Feature.

He would introduce the film and like other horrors hosts do various skits and jokes plus give information on the film in between parts of the movie. Thanks to the Count I saw lots of horror/monster films back then including Theater of blood, The Tingler and The pit and pendulum all with Price. Not too surprisingly those are three of my favorite Price films even today. A few years later when we got a VHS player I got to see more Price films and in the late 90’s back when I could afford cable AMC introduced to such Price classics at The house on haunted hill and the Mad Magician. Since then I have just filled in the gaps buying and seeing the other Price films as I could.

There you go. Do you have any memories of seeing Price films for the first time?