Starlost Sundays-The alien Oro



The regulars-Keir Dullea as Devon, Gay Rowan as Rachel, Robin Ward as Garth

The guests-
Walter Koenig plays an alien named Oro who crashed onto the Ark a year ago. He is close to getting his ship ready to depart. Of course you know Koenig as Chekov from Star Trek.

Alexandra Bastedo as Idona. Idona was from a dome in the Ark, she escaped and was found by Oro. Bastedo is perhaps best known from her role on the show the Champions in the late 60’s.

What’s this about? Our trio are wanting to go into a new area but they know that they need helmets on to do so. They slap them on and head in only to discover a big gaping hole in the side of the Ark, how’d that happen? Once they get to an area where they have atmosphere they can take off the helmets. They soon meet a dude in a shiny gold spacesuit calling himself Oro and he is very busy. His friend is a woman named Idona who wears purple and is also very busy doing what looks like hot gluing something or other-maybe it’s craft time. Oro says he is looking for nuclear wessels, no wait he actually said he’s an alien from another planet. Rachel goes poking around and finds Oro’s ship and then manages to get herself trapped inside of it. Geez, not so swift. Devon being the nosy guy he is soon discovers that Oro crashed his ship into the Ark a while back. Guess navigating skills don’t come with every character Koenig played. To repair his ship Oro has been taking parts from the Ark saying their situation is hopeless but his is not. So Oro is rebuilding his ship and plans to take himself and Idona back to his snooty home world soon. Meanwhile Garth and Idona are falling for each other and making googly eyes- ewwwww. Garth wants her to stay but she feels like she owes Oro because he found her and helped her after she escaped from her dome. After getting a chuckle out of Rachel’s situation Oro let’s Devon know she’s trapped on his ship so they go and let her out- wheeew, free at last. Devon tries asking Oro to help in fixing the reactors on the Ark. Devon even tries grabbing one of the ship and forcing Oro to trade his help repairing the Ark to get the part back, but Devon can’t through with it and gives the part back. What a wuss. Anyways Oro reveals to Devon that Idona has a condition where she cannot live for much longer outside of her home dome. Since she doesn’t want to go back there then Oro can get her to his home world where they are such brainiacs that they will have an area where she can live and breathe normally. Devon tells this to Garth and Garth has to be thinking “well, crap I’ll never get a girl”. Then to make matters worse while trying to fix Oro’s ship Idona and Garth have a panel fall down and Oro doesn’t think he can leave now. Oh, great now he’s really stuck on an out of control ship. Oro finally gets his ship ready enough to go. Idona says she wants to stay with Garth even if it means dying, but then she passes out. Oro promises he has equipment on his ship to keep her alive to get to his planet where she can be helped. He also promised that he will send help as soon as he can to the Ark. Promises, promises our trio trust him and load Idona aboard and watch them leave. The episode ends.

The negatives-As with most of the episodes of this show it’s a basic plot with little action so a lot depends on the acting to push it along. This one definitely has some slow parts. The science parts of this were never a strong part and here we see an advanced being but his knowledge seems to be implied, yet his skills don’t quite match up.

The positives-The two guest stars try and manage to go beyond the mediocre script. Garth gets more attention than Devon and Rachel for a change.

How could this episode have been better? This one really needed some action or something to step up the pace. Despite a decent from all involved it felt like 15 minute play stretched into 45 minutes. So more action and plot twists could have helped.