Poster postings

Back around 2000-2002 I bought a few movie posters on eBay. Then I had kids and the disposable income was gone plus eBay sellers started charging outrageous prices for posters. I guess that I had some nutty idea that all these posters were going to be on my wall one day. That hasn’t happened yet. Mostly because I want cheap frames and the frames at Wal-mart are not big enough for these posters. Anyways the point of this post is that I was recently looking at these poster where I pulled out of the box I keep them in atop my closet and I’d like to take pictures of them and post them here maybe once a week. Don’t know if they’ll be of interest to everyone, but I’ll post them and tell something about the film if the pics turn out alright. They are almost all from British horror films made between the mid-1960’s and the mid-1970’s. So I may do one or two per month and may get it started this month. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

My view on the recent Star Wars news


So recently Disney bought Lucasfilm from Lucas. So plans for the third Star Wars trilogy becoming a reality are put into the early stages. JJ Abrams has been announced as the director. Last week speculation and rumors were swirling about Harrison Ford signing on to once again play Han Solo in the next film. Yeah, yeah, yeah if you care about Star Wars even a little you know all and have already thought about what all this means to Star Wars. The Disney transaction and Abrams being announced are major events, but really everything is still in the early stages, but both have already lead to tons of discussions on message boards and amongst fans everywhere. Everyone has an opinion even this early in the game and I just wanted to add mine in.
-Disney buys Lucasfilms and plans to make the next Star Wars trilogy with the first film coming in 2015.
The positives-
The movies will likely all get made which I don’t think was going to happen if George Lucas had kept hold of the rights.
I’ll think they’ll come out pretty fast too given Disney’s reputation.
Despite all the early hand ringing and belly aching from so called fans about this event I think it’s still obvious that Disney has had a better track record than Lucas for quality films.
The negatives-
At this point I don’t see any negatives because not that much has happened to really gripe about. If you’re 100 percent against Disney doing Star Wars then you don’t have to see them and you can just pretend the other films are the only ones that have been made.
-JJ Abrams has been announced as the director.
The positives-
He has done a good job reviving Star Trek. Yes, I said it and I stand by that. This in itself brings up even more discussion amongst fans, but having done reviving one sci-fi franchise is in my book a big plus towards him having a good chance of reviving another franchise.
This early on that’s the biggest plus to go on, but I think it’s huge and think he’s a fine choice.
The negatives-
Let’s face it no matter who was picked for a big job like there would have been some who would have had some complaints and of course there are those that are already throwing fits about this choice.
I don’t see any definite negatives at this point because I believe in Abrams. I do realize it’s not going to be easy to sway fans and there will be nay-sayers the whole way as this film goes into production. There will be those ready to jump on him once the film comes out. Really I say let’s wait and see what comes out in 2015.
My initial feelings in general right now about the news above are mostly these…
-I am excited that we will get new films and look forward to taking my kids to see them.
-Star Wars has always had an appeal to kids and the new films will be no different. That’s the way it is and I’m fine with it.
-I think Disney and Abrams being attached to this film means we’ll get a fun and exciting movie. The complaints will come from that think it doesn’t fit into the Star Wars universe. Again to that I say let’s wait and see and be optimistic.
-Star Wars has always been attached to merchandise so whoohoo even more new cool toys will pop up.
I know plenty of fans have reservations right now, but I say get excited because new movies are coming and really could they be any worse than the last three? I doubt it and I’m looking forward. If you are upset and doubtful of Disney and Abrams then I say just try to hope for the best and wait and see what they do before heaping words of scorn upon them or just don’t watch them. For myself I think the news is great and look forward to seeing what comes out.

**Feel free to add your views in.