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Ten 1980’s movie sequels that were actually you know good


Okay, so all sequels don’t suck. No really they don’t.Here’s the test I set- name ten sequels from the horror,sci-fi or fantasy genres that were made in the 1980’s and that are at least good. The catch is you can only use one film per franchise.

The Empire Stri damn Lucas and his trilogies, so it doesn’t count. Well on to the list.

Star Trek 2-Best Trek film ever.

Superman 2-Even better than the original.

Phantasm 2-Solidly good.

Critters 2-I found it to be a good comedy/sci-fi/horror film/

Friday the 13th part 2-My favorite in the series.

Indiana Jones and the last crusade-As much of a remake of the first film as a sequel, but I’ll count it.

Evil Dead 2-Way better than the first film.

Nightmare on Elm street 3-Dream Warriors-Got the series back on track after the mediocre second film.

Halloween 2-The first film stood very well by itself, but still a good sequel.

Aliens-I prefer the first film but boy they did a great job here combining horror and action together.

3 responses to “Ten 1980’s movie sequels that were actually you know good

  1. Evil Dead better than the first???/ Ahhhh……..

  2. Victor De Leon ⋅

    Good list! Which Superman 2 do you prefer? I do like both cuts but Donner’s is amazing. Halloween 2 is another overlooked sequel that is a great entry. Good pick.

  3. @ Vic-I like both versions of Superman 2 as well.

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