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Poster postings-Legend of the werewolf

DSC01113legdone DSC01112legenddone

Kevin Francis son of director Freddie Francis (numerous Hammer films) decided to form his own movie company called Tyburn and make British horror films along the lines of what Hammer and Amicus were doing in the 60’s. The problem was that Francis was trying to do this in the post Rosemary’s Baby, port-The Exorcist time and the horror landscape had changed. Gothics horror were out of fashion, but Kevin tried anyhow and his short lived company knocked out just three films. One of them was 1975’s Legend of the werewolf starring the great Peter Cushing and a youngster named David Rintoul (still acting today). Even a couple of character actors form other British horror films like Michael Ripper and Hugh Griffith were pulled in for this one. It didn’t do all that well and didn’t even get released theatricly in the US. Actually it has never been officially released on DVD on these shores. There is just an old VHS tape released ages ago.

So the above poster is an Australian Daybill or so said the description because my knowledge of movie posters isn’t that great. It’s similiar in height to normal movie posters, but about 2/3 the width and it’s on very thin paper. The colors are very 1970’s which is what I like about it. The actual werewolf looks a lot like the one from Hammer Curse of the werewolf.  In the bottom left of the close-up we see Peter Cushing tacked in there you know just to prove he’s really in this film. I got this for about $10 I think maybe ten years ago.

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  1. I went through my posters last night and I have about 20 old ones and then 2 from about 12 years ago plus one press kit and a couple of promo photos. So I may do one of these features every two weeks which would mean the feature will go on for a while. Hope my not so great photo skills are good enough to show you the photos.

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