Top five one season (or less) shows that should have gone on longer


Here are my top five shows that went just one lousy season or less, but they sure as heck should have gone on longer.

Tales of the gold monkey-One season 1982-1983.Like an old style serial only done in an hour. Plenty of action and humor in every episode. The cast clicked right away. It’s a shame that it didn’t catch on.

Battlestar Gallactica-One season 1978-1979. The show was a little uneven at times and they switched some characters around as they went. However it certainly showed so much promise that I wish they had gotten a second season.

Firefly-Part of a season 2002-2003. The only show of any genre I ever saw to last one season (almost) yet it already had all the potential to go 6-7 seasons with very little tweaking. What a shame.

Voyagers-One season 1982-1983. A low budget time travel adventure show. Pretty much they did a lot of what Sliders did more than a decade later only this show never caught on.

The Flash-One season 1990-1991. The look owed a lot to Tim Burton’s Batman. However the characters were solid, the action and plots were there, but it just didn’t do enough to get the scarlet speedsters to year two.

Runner ups-Kolchak the nightstalker, Logan’s Run, Werewolf