Termination at the Jiffy Lube


So I was well overdue for an oil change on my car which meant it was time to venture over to the local Jiffy Lube. It was busy there so it was standing room only in the little waiting room. As I drank there free copy and filled my mind with thoughts of monsters and space films to pass the time my eyes came upon a screen at the desk. It listed the names of all the customers waiting to have their cars done. Right above my name was this name “Sarah Conner”. Of all days to get my oil changed I chose to go at the same time when this guy was going to come gunning for his victim.


Part of me wanted to go up to her and say in my best Arnold voice “Are you Sarah Connor?”

She probably would have responded ” Are you some lame-brained sci-fi geek who doesn’t have anything better to do than make references to movies?”

To which I would have responded “Why yes I am. Thank you.”

Who would have thought I could have gotten the topic for a post at Jiffy Lube? Maybe it just doesn’t take much to entertain me.