Starlost Sundays-The return of Oro


The regulars-Keir Dullea as Garth, Guy Rowan as Rachel, Robin Ward as Garth

The Guest-

Walter Koenig in his second appearance as the dishonest alien Oro. You know Koenig best as Chekov from Star Trek

What’s this one about? Oro the alien is back and trying to take the Ark back to his planet Exar. He is being assisted by a robot named Tau Zeta who appears to be made from a few boxes and some gold paint. Oh and some old wacky grump named Williams has also broken into where Oro is and our trio are there as well. Devon doesn’t trust Oro, but Garth and Rachel believe Oro when he says this is the only way to save the Ark. Of course it turns out that Oro is lying like  a rug. He trys to lock Devon and Williams out so they don’t bother him, but they escape. Oro begins to go after them with a gun that looks just like a vacum cleaner tube. Eventually Oro and Devon decide to solve who runs the Ark with a debate you know just like Kirk and the Gorn did, oh wair. After much blah blah blah talking  Devon wins. Oro tries to leave, but his people blow up his ship so he is stuck on the Ark just like the others.  We are left thinking that if the show had lasted another year Oro would have made another return. Roll the credits.

The negatives? In the last few epsiodes the writers fortunately got away from the “Devon is always right” theme, but they get right back to it here which doesn’t allow for any character development for the other two main characters. This is also yet another oversimplified script. I wish the final conflict between Devon and Oro had been more exciting (i.e-action). Instead it was just more talking and a rather lame way to wrap it up.

The Positives? Both guests did what they could with the parts. The episode picked up a little in the second half. I liked this one a little better than the first Oro epsiode because he is more devious this time around. The shot of Williams laying hurt on the scaffold is actually an above average visual for this show.

How could this epsiode have been better? Having the trio stop Oro as a team rather than just pumping up Devon would have been more satisfying. The Williams character just seemed kind of tacked on. It was made tolerable by a decent performance, but his character was more of a hinderance than anything so making him help the trio earlier would have worked his character into the plot a little more. Again we see a lack of action overall. Despite how mean Oro is and how worked up Devon becomes we never see any physical action other than when Williams whacked Devon on the melon early in the episode. Perhaps physical violence isn’t Oro’s way, but a little shoving around would have been welcome.