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Saturday Morning Flashback- Coming soon


Now that I have finished Starlost Sundays (other than a wrap-up which will happen today) I am planning to move on to a new segment starting next week. So I will be tackling mainly 60’s and 70’s Saturday Morning shows one episode at a time. All will be sci-fi or monster related shows and will include cartoons and live action shows. Hopefully by doing half hour shows I can stick to doing it every week better than I did with the Starlost. I will begin with taking on Star Trek the animated series in order and aim to review every episode, but if I get bored a long the way I may thrown in an episode of another show here and there. On occasion I may toss in some Saturday morning memories. Actually my kids are watching their Saturday morning programs as I write this. So next Saturday in between eating Captain Crunch be sure to stop by here and check out the new segment.

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