Popular movies I couldn’t get into


I probably have a list films that only I like that I’ll post at some point, but for now here is the opposite side. Movies many people liked that I just couldn’t get into.

The Matrix-Yes, I know this may just be me but gosh darnit flipping around and bunch of bullets be darned this one was left me feeling cold. Plus Keaneu Reeves is one of least favorite actors ever and he did nothing to change my mind on that.

The Lost Boys-I’ve seen on Facebook from people my age (teens in the 80’s) that tries to throw off on Twilight and support the 80’s by saying how cool the 80’s were. Okay, these vampires don’t sparkle, but they have mullets and prance around trying to seem cool. This is an okay movie, but for 80’s vampires Fright Night has it all over this movie.

The Princess Bride-Now I like fairy tales and I like a number of the character actors in this one. I had plenty of people sing the praises of this for years and it was about ten years old when I finally saw it. It had some moments, but it was just more fluff than quirkiness to me. Repeated viewings didn’t change my opinion.

***So there you are. Maybe it’s me or maybe my expectations were too on these, but none of them lived up to what I was expecting.

The Starlost- What I learned


Okay so my mission in doing the Starlost Sundays segment was to give the show another chance as previously I had seen every episode once and a few I had seen twice. The show has always gotten a bad reputation and much of it stems from the fact that writers Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova were both associated with this show early on and both left the project rather quickly. Ellison had contributed the concept. Apparently the shows low budget and failure to stick with Ellison’s concept lead him to lead and give harsh words about those connected with the show. Okay so I watched all these episodes again and here are my thoughts on the show as a whole.

The negatives-
The plots were often oversimplified.
The show frequently lacked action.
The characters mainly Garth and Rachel were never given anything to do or so that might advance their characters.
The lack of budget was a major drawback.
The effects were poor even for tv standards of the time.
The show could really drag at times.

The positives-
The main concept of the show had real potential.
When the show had action it normally helped.
The exterior of the Ark looked decent.
The show had quite a few decent guests on numerous episodes.

So out of 16 episodes if I remember right there were five solid episodes, 4 clunkers and the other 7 fall around the middle. It could have been, but the potential was there. It’s a shame the budget wasn’t there and that Ellison and the writers couldn’t have worked it out to take on this project together and have given their all. If you have never seen it and like sci-fi from this time period then give it a shot but keep your expectations reasonable.

There you go.