New Hire

So I decided to add a new semi-regular column. Since I already have a 60’s icon in Dr Smith contributing I decided to get a 70’s personality for the new column. I asked Darth Vader, Logan 5, Caesar, Stellas Star, Rick, Will and Holly Marshall, Starbuck, V.I.N.C.E.N.T, animated Mr. Spock, Wonder Woman, every Cyclon warrior, Buck Rogers, C-3PO, Adam the Chimp, Matthias, Jones the cat, R2D2, Isis, Mark Harris, Oscar Goldman and a few other assorted extras but they all had other things to do so I ended up hiring….


Don’t be too impressed in front of him or…he might get a big head! Hahahaha…get it..because he has a …oh nevermind.


Oh, well Zardoz funnies will be posted every once in a while so look for them.