Who’s in this?
Genevieve Bujold as Susan a doctor and live-in girlfriend of. She’s soon to discover some odd things at the hospital. Perhaps best known for her role in Anne of the thousand days. She is still active in acting.

Michael Douglas as Mark, boyfriend of Susan. Thinks he’s in line for a promotion and his hair looks like it’s all one piece. We know him for his dad and he has been in a bunch of stuff including Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, Romancing the stone, Falling down and a lot more. He’s actually more of a supporting player here as most of his big scenes are at the very beginning and the very end of the film.

Richard Widmark as Dr. Harris head surgeon, seems to be trusting and almost cracked a smile sort of. Widmark was in acting for forty plus years and was in the Alamo, Judgment at Nuremberg and a lot more. Frequently played military types and authority figures.

Rip Torn as Dr. George head of the anesthisia department which will soon be linked to some trouble. He acts a little crazy (as opposed to recent real life where Torn was more than a little crazy). Recent problems aside, Torn has been in the business since the 50’s and you know him from the Men in black films, Beastmaster, Dodgeball (if you can dodge my nose or something like that) and a ton of other stuff.

Also Lois Chiles (Moonraker) is a sour nurse. Actually I liked her better in this little part much more than in a bigger part in Moonraker. Holy soon to be famous mustaches a pre-Magnum Tom Selleck is in a small roll as a patient/victim. Holy receding hairlines Ed Harris has a small part too before he was a familiar face.

What’s this about?
It’s not like a hospital needs odd things to happen at it to be scary, it’s pretty creepy place under “normal” conditions. Our movie is set at a Boston area hospital. We are introduced to a couple of doctors Susan and Mark who live together. Wait, does that mean they are playing doctor at home too? Wait, I got a movie to ramble on about so I need to get at it. They have a fight and she moves out. Mark is hoping he’s in line for a big promotion, but he’s nervous about it like he’s got butterflies in the stomach, can they be removed? Oh, not real ones. Susan has a friend who needs an abortion done because she was fooling around then one thing lead to another and here she is. Susan assures her all will be okay, but her friend goes into a freaking Coma (hence you know the film title) and Susan is upset. She talks to Mark about it and he knows she’s upset but he says this can happen. Susan can’t get past it and she gets all Curious George and starts snooping around, steps on Dr. George’s toes, gets people upset and gets sent to counciling. That’s what you get, nosey Rosey. Evetually we learn that she is on to something. Lots of patients are going into comas and being sent to a special (and creepy as hell) building way out in nowhere land. Turns out the comas are being caused intentionally and this creepy center with all the horizantally hanging bodies is a base for blackmart organ selling (ewwwwww). Hey, man who wants to buy Tom Selleck’s liver? Who is doing this foul deed? Susan thinks she knows, but she doesn’t although you might figure it out before her. There are chases, a hired henchman, several twists and one of the best dump the dead, naked bodies on the bad guy scenes ever. I’m going to leave the reast open because if you have not seen it you should and I don’t want to spoil it because it’s a good one.

The negatives- This films does frequently get labeled as horror as my copy is in a set labled horror and I have seen it reviewed in horror movie guides. It’s more of a suspense/thriller so it may not be up your alley if you are a gore hound. The build-up might be a little slow, but it’s worth it.

The positives-Solid acting, a decent story, good twists, great settings and really just strong all the way around. I had never seen it before, but knew a little about it. Once recent Saturday we got the kids to bed and my wife said she wanted to see something she hadn’t seen before and something from the 70’s or 80’s. I offered this one from my to see pile, she said yes and we both enjoyed it. Which does not always happen because usual I pick some horror or sci-fi film and she sighs and goes off to knit or read. So yeah it’s a good one.


Theme weeks


A while back I promised like one theme week per month and have done maybe one in three months so I need to buckle down and commit to some. Then hopefully deliver. So here is the theme and the month I hope to do it in.

Frankenstein week-April
Star Trek week-May
Superman week-June
70’s sci-fi movie week-July
Sequels week-August
Dinosaurs week-September
Vampires week-October
80’s horror film week-November
Made for tv movie week-December.

Feel free to add any other suggestions and I may make changes as I go along.