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Who’s in this?

I normally like to include the characters and cast, but really research showed the cast was made up mostly of people who mostly did this film and very little else. Three of the four star are dubbed by others as well. Really it’s not about the cast it’s about how poor it is on almost every level.

What’s this about?

This movie takes place in a city that starts with a D. A robot police officer is made, but he goes out of control. The robot here is from R.O.T.O.R which stands for Robotic Officer Tactical Operation Research. I thought the title stood for Ripping Off The Outstanding Robocop. Rather than detail the plot I’ll just throw out some things this film includes.


-a robot police officer with a Village People mustache.
-unmoving camera angles.
-bad 80’s perms.
-the sound of explosions, but we never see them.
-lots of dubbing.
-we hear people talking but only see closed vehicles or the back of someone’s head.
-a science nerd with thick glasses.
-a guy off the street rips his shirt off before fighting R.O.T.O.R.
-a fry cook wears fake plastic buck teeth.
-a robot that looks like it was put together in a garage by a middle schooler one afternoon.
-everyone from hold up victims to truckers seems to know martial arts.
-lots of people carry around big guns in their cars.
-everyone puts on sunglasses right before they have a shoot out.
-a female bodybuilder with a skunk stripe in her hair battles R.O.T.O.R in the big finale.

Here’s a sampling of some quotes from the movie.

“You want out.. there’s out!’
“Easy, greasy”
“I’m like a cemetary, I’ll take anybody”
“I’m R.O.T.O.R and you are guilty”
“Justice is served C.O.D.”
“What do you think this is some low budget sci-fi flick?”
“I’ve got more than a newspaper”
“Hey faggot city cop”
“In science there’s no room for human error”
“Well it ain’t Pee Wee Herman’s”
“Another pale face grinding his heel in the poor indian’s face”
“Pull that trigger and they’ll be picking up pieces of blue pigshit all over the parking lot”

The negatives-All, yes pretty much all of it.

The positives-So bad it’s worth a viewing. It’s like in the 50’s people with no skills saw sci-fi flicks and thought they could make an easy buck and set about making films like She-Demons and the Giant Leeches. This film was in the 80’s I imagine some people saw Robocop and the Terminator and thought they could do that on a smaller budget. They were wrong, but we can all laugh at their mistake.

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6 responses to “R.O.T.O.R

  1. Love the sound of this!!

  2. mrky007 ⋅

    Ripping Off The Outstanding Robocop – good one 🙂

  3. Smash

    I was laughing so hard while reading all of the quotes! Especially, “I’ve got more than a newspaper”. I don’t even know what the context of that quote was, but it sounds amazing!

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