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Frankenstein created woman



Who’s in this?

Peter Cushing in his forth time as the Baron in Hammer’s Frankenstein cycle. Cushing was a horror legend most known for horror films he was in between the late 50’s and the 1970’s.

Thorley Walters as Doctor Hertz. Walters was a character acotor who was in several other Hammer horror films, some comedies and played Watson to Sherlock Holmes in four unrelated films.

Susan Denberg as Christina the deformed girlfriend of Hans soon to be revived, good looking and containing the soul of Hans (?!). Denberg was a Playboy playmate in 1966 and had a few roles including this one and playing one of Mudd’s Women in Star Trek. What became of her after this film has been a bit of an oddity. For years there were rumors she got into drugs and either died in the late 60’s or was left a mental vegetable. However more recently it has come out that she is still alive, now in her late 60’s and living in Austria.

Robert Morris as Hans the sone of an executed murderer, employee of the Baron and Doctor Hertz and boyfriend of Christina. Morris was various roles from the 50’s when he was a teenager up until the early 1990’s.

Out of the rest of the cast the top person who should be mentioned is Peter Madden as the mean and sour chief of police. Madden was in tons of stuff including Doctor Zhivago, Kiss of the vampire and From Russia with love.


Here, smell this- I just rubbed it on my pits

What’s this about?
So after some go around Doctor Hertz and Hans bring someone out of an ice chamber and it is tada the one and only Baron Frankenstein. This experiment somehow proved to the Baron that the soul does not leave the body at the time of death. Ah that wacky Baron bending the laws of science. Hans ends up getting in a fight with three snooty dudes who are mean to Hans’ girlfriend Christina. Hans beats the poopoo out of them, but wrecks the tavern owned by Christina’s daddy who is not a fan of Hans to begin with. Later the three snooty douchebags return after hours to the tavern to steal booze, but the owner comes in and they kill ’em good with their fancy walking sticks whakka wwakka whack whack. Poor innocent Hans is charged and gets his head chopped off. In dismay Christina jumps in the river and drowns. At the Baron’s urging Hertz arranges to get the body and head of Hans so they can do more soul experiments. However the people that found Christina bring her dead body to the Baron as well, wow like a two for one stiff sale. What is a mad scientist to do? Well, let’s take the soul of the headless guy and slap it into the drowned girl, fix some things up and suddenly she is all pretty and blond now. The Baron’s hands were burned in the previous film so he wears gloves and has to have Hertz do the surgery work. Everything is going to be fine with Christina er maybe not. Christina now has Hans memories and he wants revenge on those guys who set him up to have his head whacked off. So eventually Christina’s uses her looks to lure in the three guys who have it coming and one by one chop, stab, errrr take that you bunch of slicksters. Christina has also taken to talking to the decapitated head of Hans at times, but it’s okay because she imagines that it talks back. The Baron and Hertz are at one point accused by the police of being involved in foul deeds, but they say hey it wasn’t us it was the dead girl who came back to life and now has the soul of her falsely accused, previously decapitated lover in her and she’s the one ripping guys to shreds. Uh that may not stand up in court. Anyways when the Baron tries to stop Christina from killing the third guy and fails she flees and throws herself into water…again and roll the credits.

The negatives-The ending always had me thinking it was far too abrupt. Okay, the revenge is complete…time to die in peace or something. It’s not bad, but it never really satisfied me and this is a good enough movie that it deserved better. I used to think the whole soul switching concept was hokey and it is but they play it off alright.

The positives- Cushing gives another grand go around as the Baron. Thorley Walters is better than usual and works well Cushing. Susan Denberg is dubbed, but her reactions are good enough to show she had some real potential. The pace is well done and fans wanting to see some murders will get a few in this film. I rank this forth out of the seven Hammer Frankenstein films behind the Frankenstein must be destroyed and the first two and that’s not bad because they are all very good.


I have a surprise for you.


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