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Jessie James meets Frankenstein’s Daughter


Oh, shock my brain again, it feels so gooooood!


Who’s in this?
John Lupton as Jesse James or a cheap version there of He had a long career as a character actor with a number of westerns but he found regular work even after those were out of style. He’s listed as being 38 when this film was made, but he looked closer to 50.

Narda Onyx as Dr. Maria Frankenstein daughter of the Doctor Frankenstein, user of cheap lab equipment, owner of the only castle in town and practicer of evil science. The accent is at least maybe partially real and she was born in Estonia and lived there until she was ten. Onyx was active in acting in the 50’s and 60’s.

Cal Bolder as Hank/Igor the cowboy turned big old monster, grrr. He was a California Highway patrolman when an agent discovered him, liked his size and talked him into acting. He did a few roles here and there including playing Keel in the Friday’s Child episode of Star Trek.

Jim Davis as Marshal MacPhee. Dais started acting in the 40’s and was in various shows including Perry Mason and Gunsmoke, but you’ll know him best as Jock Ewing on Dallas.

What’s this about?
The title pretty much says it. A middle aged Jessie James and his huge freakin’ body builder type friend Hank team up with some bad outlaw types. However one them gets a hankerin’ to be an A hole so he turns on the others and sets them up. Hank gets a hurtin’ put on him bang, bang! So Jessie takes him to find help, I guess we are lead to believe that Jessie is really only a sidewinder to law types, banks and people with money, but kind to his partners. Pretty soon they end up going to Maria……Frankenstein! Ahh, shriek, gasp and uh Maria? Oh, Frankenstein’s daughter, now I get it. How conveniant to find a doctor and the relative a of a European lunatic just outside a town in the old west. Maria is supposed to help save Hank, but she has other plans in her evil brain. Her lab coat has been clean for far too long and she needs to use all that spinning, sparking stuff in her lab. With a whack, smack and a hack she saves Hank but turns into a hulking, mindless monster instead of the hulking, mindless cowboy that he was. He now has a bald head with a great big scar to show Maria’s not so delicate handiwork and he is also now called Igor you know just to cram in as many old monster movie cliches as they can if there’s room given all the western cliches that shoved in early in the movie. There’s some fighting, some shooting yeehaw and plenty of cardboard sets meeting cardboard acting. You can guess the rest-bad people die, some good people survive, we are left scratching our heads about the silly mind control helmet and roll the credits.


You took my shirt, my shirt!


The negatives- So in the mid-60’s westerns were big and old monsters movies had come back too via tv. It’s like putting peanut butter and chocolate together- well maybe more like pickles and strawberries. It’s an odd combination with lots of rough edges. The movie has bad acting, a poor script, lots of cliches and just feels like they slapped everything and hoped it would hold together.

The positives-It’s a fun bad movie. There’s just enough awfulness to be amusing, but never quit boring.


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