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Movie within a movie


No, I am not just speaking in riddles. I am thinking about movies with parts of fake movies in them. I am only thinking of sci-fi, horror and barbarian type films. This is in no way meant to a comprehensive list, but just ones that came to mind. Galaxy Quest of course is a show within a movie, but I was just thinking of a movie within a movie.

Scream- The Stab movies is a set of slashers films that get worse as the series goes along, oh the irony.

Amazon women on the moon- A total spoof film full of spoof skits. The title film is a wrap around story that spoofs 50’s woman on other planet films like Missile to the moon. Also in the film is Ed Begley Jr.  is not going invisible in a short spoof of the Invisible Man cycle in the Son of the Invisible Man.

son invisible

The Monster club-The Stuart Whitman segment shows a very small part being filmed of a Hammer type film of a woman in a dark house.

The House that dripped blood-In the vampire segment of this anthology Jon Pertwee and Ingrid Pitt are in a Hammer style vampire in the castle type film in a few scenes.

Bowfinger-Chubby Rain is the no budget film that Steve Martin is trying to make. He is trying to film Eddie Murphy’s character (without Murphy’s knowledge) to include in the film. The movie in the movie is an action/sci-fi film about alien’s taking over people after coming down in rain drops which makes me think of the 70’s version of Invasion of the body snatchers.

UHF-Conan the librarian-The title says it all- Conan is working at the library. “Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal system?”. Thanks, Weird Al.

Fright Night-Peter Vincent is seen in his horror film prime as a big screen vampire hunter. We see scenes of McDowall in a fake early 70’s film, but we also see scenes from Hammer’s Scars of Dracula and AIP’s The Premature Burial mixed in.

The Explorers-While in their ship these teenage boys cruise over by the drive-in to check out a 70’s looking space opera featuring Starkiller with Robert Picardo (yay) and Karen Mayo Chandler.

Matinee-John Goodman plays a William Castle type director Lawrence Woolsey in the early 60’s and his latest film is Mant (Man Ant) which pulls upon The Fly, The Deadly Mantis, The beginning of the end and other 50’s films. This is one of the best because the film with in a film has Kathy Moriarty acting with genre veterans Robert Cornthwaite (War of the worlds, the Twilight Zone), Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the body snatchers, The Twilight Zone) and William Schallert (The incredible shrinking man, Them!, Gog, Tobor the great, Star Trek, Space Patrol, The Twilight Zone (60’s and 80’s series plus the movie) and almost everything else.

The Blob (1988)-The blob comes into the  theater where people are watching “Garden Tool Massacre” a play on 80’s slasher flicks.


Diary of a a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules-Greg and Rowley sneak and watch a movie called The foot. It’s meant to look like an early 70’s film about a couple staying in an old house where a foot is going around the house scaring them.

Apparently the 80’s slasher Popcorn has some 50’s style film within  a film bits, but I have not seen that movie.


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I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

6 responses to “Movie within a movie

  1. Yeah, seems like there are a lot of these. Four more off the top of my head: Return to Horror High, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Smash Cut and Midnight Movie.

  2. …I wonder if there’s ever been a movie within a movie within a movie. That would blow my mind.

  3. It’s funny of course.

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