The mighty Peking man AKA: Goliathon



Who is in this?

Evelyne Kraft as Ah Wei a jungle girl who used to be a little civilized girl but then…oh I’ll just tack the rest of the story down below. Krast was born in Russia and had around twenty some credits. She died from heart failure at 57 back in 2009. This is probably her most known role.

Danny Lee as Johnnie Fang adventurer, leading dude, fighter guy and wearer of a shag hair do. Lee has over 100 films credits between the early 70’s and 2010 with most of them being action films.

Most of the rest cast is a bunch of dubbed guys playing various shady, greedy types.

What’s this about?

Well, these civilized guys travel to this jungle and nab this huge ape like creature who happens to like this blond woman. Oh and the civilized guys yank the big ape back to the city to make money from showing it off. The ape escapes and all heck breaks loose until the big beastie gets killed. The end. Wait, that plot sounds familiar. Where do I know it from? Gone with the wind? No. The French Connection? No. Gilligan’s Island? No, they just regular size apes. Oh, I know that King Kong film. Not the one made by that Lord of the Rings guy or the 70’s one made by Dino De Lawhatsis, but the classic 30’s film. Although The might Peking man is no classic. Although in all fairness and has some things different from King Kong.

-It’s made in China.

-The blond who loves the giant beastie was kind of raised by him after her parents died in a jungle plane crash.

-uh and uh there’s more romance between Ah Wei and Johnny than between other couples in these kind of films.

-the above couple dance around with a leopard (I think that’s what it was) in some kind of we’re in love in the jungle type montage.

-it was made by  Shaw Brothers who mostly did martial arts films.

-the ape suit is mangy, oh that’s not different for this type of film oh but it does on fire

peking man

What are you looking at?

The negatives-The pace starts off great and finishes well enough, but around 3/4 of the way through it sits around more than it needs to. The budget is low indeed but to me that’s part of the charm in this case.

The positives-It’s colorful, mostly fun and there is some great scenery. It’s a likable enough cheesefest and giant monster films might get into it as well. I watched it twice just for this review and I expect to be in my viewing future in the next few weeks as well. So check it out if you get a chance.

peking mant

He’s a big one.