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5 good things about Star Wars: A new hope


Hey, Star Wars day is tomorrow and although May the third be with you doesn’t have quite the same ring to it I still want to knock out a short liust today. I am a Star Trek fan first and formost, always have been, always will be. Star Wars comes after that, always has, no doubt always will. However I still like Star Wars quite and definitely not only acknowledge it but admire it’s importance within the genre and in film making. However I think the film does more with themes, effects and details that it does with it’s morals. There are some really good movies here however they are not that deep…nope they are not. I didn’t come here to argue I came to give credit. I decided to narrow my list down to 5 good things about Star Wars-A new hope. yes, there are more than 5 total, but my list will be 5 that I like about this 1977 film. Here you go in no real order.

1-The rebels have dirty ships with grease spots on them. This is an awesome display of attention to detail. The Empire has shiny ships because they are the power the top of the line equipment (except for guns that don’t shoot straight). The rebel forces are throwing this attack together as they go. It makes sense that their ships would not be the newest or the shiniest, but they may have good enough mechanics and back planet fliers to pull it off.

2-The interior of the Millenium Falcon. Again with the attention to detail. Most ships we see in sci-fi prior to this are military or exploring ships and both tend to be top of the line unless they have been in a space for a long time. This ship is different because it’s a smuggling ship and privately owned so Han and Chewie may not be taking a swifter around regularly. The interior has a closed in, but lived in feel to it which absolutely fits the kind of ship that it is.

3-Droids! I like some sci-fi robots before this film of course, but C-3PO and that R2 unit certainly gave droid more personality then they had largely had before. We are also introduced to various societies in the Star Wars worlds that use droids in a number of different functions.

4-The number of different aliens we see even if some are just for a few seconds. Not just because we love seeing them, but it makes sense that a world where space travel is commonplace would have beings from many different worlds livign together although no always in harmony.

5-Peter Cushing. Yes, Alec Guniess was solid in his role and Han Solo no doubt took his part and ran with it. You can keep praising Darth Vader, but it took several people to present him while Cushing played the arrogant, ruthless villain with ease all while strutting around the Death Star in his slippers.

There you go. May the thir force or forth be with you!

4 responses to “5 good things about Star Wars: A new hope

  1. May the 4th be with you!

  2. Teepee12

    But what about the bathrooms? In all these space operas, not only does no one to use them. There don’t appear to be any. Yuk!

    • You mean R2-D2 didn’t double as a potty? In the Star Trek-Enterprise blueprints written in the 70’s I believe they show bathrooms. Seems like there is one off the bridge so Kirk could tinkle and then race back to his command seat to deal with space menaces.

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