Poster Postings-Rasputin:The mad monk


I am no expert on movie posters, but I think this is an insert which means it’s almost the length of a one sheet, but only about half the width. It’s also printed on cardstock which means I had to put books on the top and bottom to keep it from curling to get this picture. Some inserts were folded in thirds, this one was rolled and that’s how I store it. This is for Hammer’s 1966 film Rasputin the mad monk starring Christopher Lee. It’s an okay movie that sees Hammer taking some real liberties with history. Also it was filmed back to back with Dracula – Prince of darkness which means it has some of the same supporting case and you’ll recognize some of the same sets. If you look at the top of the poster this tells about how they gave out Rasputin beards at the showing of this film. I always get this mental image of lots of people sitting in a theater watching this while wearing Rasputin beards. I bought this one maybe 12 years ago for probably about 8 bucks. I was surprised I got it for that price, but I did and it’s in solid shape just a little yellowing around the edges. There you go.