Star Trek week coming next week!


Again Star Trek week is next week. As part of the week I did agree to review Star Trek 5 one of the real low points in all of Trekdom. I will try to be fair to it and not just rip it but examine what could have been done to have taken the same concept and made the film better. So I’ll get the above picture out of the way before next week.

Comments made by family members



A lot of times when I am watching sci-fi and horror films I have to find time when I can watch them by myself or else the two generally non-horror, non-sci-fi fans in the house (my wife and daughter) will make comments like the ones below.


The Starlost? That looks like the most boring show ever made.

Not another movie with that skinny old man in it (Peter Cushing, it was probably a Frankenstein film).

Black and white? Ewwww.

Don’t tell me you are watching that movie with the guy with the chin in it again. (Army of darkness)

Haven’t you seen this Star Trek episode like 100 times?