Dr. McCoy’s insult of the week


So Dr. Smith is taking a break this week to allow Dr. McCoy to take this column since we are starting Star Trek week here at the blog.

So the insult of the week is Pointed eared hobgoblin. Feel free to use that one on anyone with or without pointed ears.

Star Trek week moves on with likely a review of Star Trek V on Monday.

Saturday Morning Flashback-Star Trek



It’s a giant cloud….again.


One of our planets is missing



No guests doing voices but James Doohan does Commodore Wesley and Majel Barrett does the cloud’s voice.

What’s this about?

The Enterprise is called in to investigate a large cloud. The cloud appears to be consuming planets. It then changes course towards the highly inhabited planet Mantilles leading Kirk and Spock to conclude that it is intelligent and capable of making decisions. Kirk doesn’t want to kill an intelligent being, but will in this case because it looks like it may be the only way to save Mantilles. Spock hopes he can communicate with the cloud to stop so they don’t have to kill it. Give it a try, Spock. Eventually Spock does a mind meld and lets the cloud know there are people in this ship and on the planet, living beings you know. The cloud leaves for home so roll the animated credits.


Scotty, can we roast marshmallows over that so we can have smores?

The negatives-This episodes comes five years after the original series episode Obsession and the plot is similar with being about cloud consuming things. So this is not an original plot. The episode seemed a little slow and for twenty some minutes that’s not a good thing.

The positives-The cloud looks kind cool particularly when the Enterprise is in it. I like having Commodore Wesley being in charge on Mantilles and communicating with Kirk showing the presence of Starfleet in this cartoon too. The conversations between Kirk and Spock about whether or not to kill a intelligent being kept in character with how they were in the original series.

This episode is slighlty above average. It’s not bad, but not one of the best either.

Animated oddities of sorts-This is the third episode and now I am seeing a regular shot of Spock at his station where only his head moving to the side is animated just to save money. Also for this shot see no one behind him and we should see at least some of Uhura unless she is laying her head down on her station. Right after this is a front shot of Kirk in the command chair and no Spock or Uhura behind him at their stations. Seconds later an overhead shot shows Spock and Uhura at their stations. Either this was a mistake or Spock and Uhura do a lot of running around the bridge very quickly.

The Vampire’s Night Orgy

vampire night


Top things I learned from this movie

1-Don’t get on a bus where the driver has a heart attack or else you’ll end up in a vampire village.

2-Don’t sport a big Charles Bronson mustache or else the vampires will grab you first.

3-If the Charles Bronson mustache guy asks you to come into a bus at night and then invites you up front don’t do it. The bus is really full of vampires and they’ll jump you.

4-If you’re a skinny geek and a countess asks you to her bedroom don’t do it because she’ll end up feeding you to a pack of hungry vampires.

5-Peeking at the woman next door through a hole in the wall will eventually draw her to you. Only it will also  be because you’re the only human dude left and the vampires are after you.

6-Don’t get your tires caught in the mud or the vampires will almost get you.

7-If you escape the vampire village don’t tell the police because they’ll show you that such a village never existed.

The negatives-The script is all over the place if it ever really existed at all. The male vampires needed better make-up. They look like scruffy dudes gritting their teeth.

The positives-Great scenery with the mountains really setting the mood. The sets were decent too. Even though the plot was sketchy the action and attempts at scary moments made it a better than average film.


We be vampires with big mustaches…snarl, grrr!