Star Trek 2009

Star Trek 2009

2009 of course

If you are reading this you likely know who is in this so I’ll skip that section for this one.

What’s this about?

Star Trek loves time travel and different universes so this is one of those kind of stories in a big way. Let’s see old Spock accidently makes a huge booboo and a Romulan named Nero who has anger problems and a love of ink goes after Spock. They end up back in time where Nero causes a shift in the whole timeline we know including as he causes Kirk’s dad to die and later he destroys the planet Vulcan and most of it’s population incuding Spock’s mommy. Thankfully in this universe Uhura is still hot, McCoy is grumpy and funny and the Enterprise is still spectacular. In this world Kirk is wilder than the Kirk we knew and Spock and Uhura lip wrestle a lot. Kirk and Spock fight at some point and you know who gets the snot knocked out of their Iowa born nose. Kirk eventually meets old Spock  although I think he may be refered to as Spock Prime somewhere  and  anyways Kirk is clued in to what all is going on. Kirk gets the Enterprise and leads an attempt to rescue Captain Pike, stop Nero from destroying Earth and hopes to give Nero the kick in his bad pants that he has coming. Eventually it all works out, Kirk is Captain of the Enterprise and Spock his first officer.


I hope we don’t have to wear those STTMP pajama type uniforms in this universe.

The negatives-I really felt like I had to see it several times to really take it all in which can be a positive as well. Watching Vulcan and Spock’s mother go was tough and it took seeing the film several times for me to think that will work into Spock’s character and it will be okay.

The positives-Star Trek is young again. It’s not about officers who are way to old to still be out in space and it’s not about writers trying hard t0 make an exciting script around actors where it’s difficult to believe they could still be involved in action. Characters that were not dead in the Trek knew are now gone and so is an important planet. However the film gave us a new beginning with different routes to go in rather than simply a remaking of the same universes just as we knew them. The action was constant, but still kept in spirit with the Trek universe. The ships, planets and effects all looked good. I love the mesh uniforms too as quite honestly I didn’t care for big old turtleneck thingie and thick red jackets of the original movies. A very good movie made by people with a tall order to fill.

Many people don’t like this film and that’s fine, there’s plenty of older Trek shows and movies to watch and books and comics to read so find one you do like. Trek has never been about one total theme it has always been flexible in stories and characters yet they are at some point seeking something and eventually their spirit wins out. I think last part is very much stron in this film. So like it, lump it or do what you like. There you go.


So does prime mean old and wrinkly?

***Star Trek marches on with hopefully a review and a deeper look at the second pilot Where no man has gone before.