Upcoming stuff and junk


To finish out Star Trek week I’ll take on Where no man has gone before and then another animated series episode on Saturday. For next week expect Zardoz to drop by with a joke or something, Dr. Smith will be back with an insult and there will be a poster posting I hope. Plus reviews of two early 70’s flicks the Devil’s Nightmare and Blood Sabbath because I have already watched them and am ahead of the game for once.

**Have a great week!

Top ten Star Trek episodes


Okay so here are my top ten Star Trek episodes from the original series as they stand this week in order.

1-Shore Leave-Everything the landing party thinks comes to life so get your mind out of the gutter.

2- Squire of Gothos-The crew runs into a brat who likes Liberace and enjoys being a general pain in the backside.

3-Galileo Seven-Spock has to deal with hairy giants while the rest of the landing party tells him how much they hate his guts.

4-Amok Time-Kirk and Spock duke it out on the inferno known as Vulcan over a woman neither of them really want.

5-Mirror, Mirror-In an alternate universe Spock has facial hair, Sulu is a scumball and Chekov still wears a bad wig.

6-The enemy within-Evil Kirk vs. Wussy Kirk

7-Doomsday Machine-A ship that looks like a metal turd is destroying everything in sight.

8-The trouble with tribbles-Tiny balls of fuzz are creating high drama and hi-jinks aboard a starbase.

9-The Corbomite Manuever-The Enterprise is threatened by a little kid and ship that looks like a glowing masss of ping pong balls.

10-A piece of the action-When on a planet where they act like 1920’s gangsters-you should act like gansters too.

Honorable Mentions-Where no man has gone before, The naked time, City on the edge of forever, Day of the dove, Conscience of the king and The menagerie.