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Top ten Star Trek episodes


Okay so here are my top ten Star Trek episodes from the original series as they stand this week in order.

1-Shore Leave-Everything the landing party thinks comes to life so get your mind out of the gutter.

2- Squire of Gothos-The crew runs into a brat who likes Liberace and enjoys being a general pain in the backside.

3-Galileo Seven-Spock has to deal with hairy giants while the rest of the landing party tells him how much they hate his guts.

4-Amok Time-Kirk and Spock duke it out on the inferno known as Vulcan over a woman neither of them really want.

5-Mirror, Mirror-In an alternate universe Spock has facial hair, Sulu is a scumball and Chekov still wears a bad wig.

6-The enemy within-Evil Kirk vs. Wussy Kirk

7-Doomsday Machine-A ship that looks like a metal turd is destroying everything in sight.

8-The trouble with tribbles-Tiny balls of fuzz are creating high drama and hi-jinks aboard a starbase.

9-The Corbomite Manuever-The Enterprise is threatened by a little kid and ship that looks like a glowing masss of ping pong balls.

10-A piece of the action-When on a planet where they act like 1920’s gangsters-you should act like gansters too.

Honorable Mentions-Where no man has gone before, The naked time, City on the edge of forever, Day of the dove, Conscience of the king and The menagerie.

2 responses to “Top ten Star Trek episodes

  1. Bunches of them falling on Kirk’s head.

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