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Where no man has gone before


The Enterprise heading into a wall of Pepto-Bismol.


Who’s in this? This is the seocnd pilot and Leonard Nimoy as Spock is the only holdover from the first pilot. William Shatner is now Kirk the Captain of the Enterprise. James Doohan is Mr. Scott the Chief enginee. George Takei is Mr. Sulu, but he is a physicist rather than helmsman.

The guests-

Gary Lockwood as Navigator/First Officer Lt. Cmdr Gary Mitchell. Lockwood was in some movies and a number of tv shows in the 60’s and 70’s. Probably best known for this episode and 2001: A space odyssey.

Sally Kellerman as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. Kellerman is best known for this role and also perhaps having been Hotlips in the film version of MASH and one of my favorite films she was in was as Rodney Dangerfield’s love interest in Back to school.

Lloyd Hayne was communications officer Alden. Haynes was perhaps best known for role in Room 222. He sadly died of lung cancer at the all too young age of 52.

Andrea Dromm played Yeoman Smith. She was a model and later the Clairol girl. She did a few films after this.

Paul Carr as Lt. Lee Kelso the helmsman who gets choked to death by a cable controlled by Mitchell. Carr was in a lot of shows for several decades including the Rifleman, Voyage to the bottom of the sea, Buck Rogers and many others.

Paul Fix as Dr. Mark Piper. Fix began acting in the 20’s and was in 100’s of things including a lot of westerns and is likely best known as Marshal Micah Torrance on the Rifleman.


We match

What’s this about?

The Enterprise is on it’s way to leave the galaxy and  they find this recorder thinigie that looks a cross between a trash can and an old vacum cleaner. Anyway it tells that this ship was swept by amagnetic storm I guess due to the crew’s magnetic personailty, ho never mind. Anyways the Valiant’s Captain was looking for information on ESP and then he apparently set the ship to self destruct. What a loon. So Kirk thinks they need to fins out what really happened so they off to cross the barrier at the edge of the Galaxy. When they do it the ship gets tossed around, some people die plus  helmsman/first officer Gary Mitchell  and ship’s psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Dehner get knocked out. When Mitchell comes around his eyes are glowing, he can read people’s thoughts and he starts acting like an arrogant ass. Thinking there’s room for only one arrogant ass on this ship Kirk plans to leave Mitchell on an isolated planet despite the protests of Dr. Dehner who is now attracted to Mitchell and his glowy eyeballs. Mitchell fights back when Kirk and Spock try to leave him on Delta Vega and he and Dehner take off on the planet to start their own paradise plus Dehner’s eyes now glow too. So Kirk goes off in hot pursuit with a big old laser rifle. They fight with Kirk getting his read end kicked around eventually Dehner sees that Gary is becoming a monster of his power so she helps Kirk. In the end both Mitchell and Dehner bit the dust and Kirk goes back to the Enterprise. Roll the credits.


You will laugh at my eyebrows, oh yes you will.

I’m skipping the negatives/positives this time because this is in my top 15-20 episodes of the show and it got Trek oin the air so it’s good. Instead I want to talk about what could have been. Now obviously as I said this episode sold Trek so it was liked but several cast members were changed before the show came on in the Fall of 1966. Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Sulu stayed although Sulu switched positions to take the spot left by Kelso. Uhura replaced Alden, McCoy replaced Piper, Yeoman Rand replaced Smith although some reports say that Dromm was asked to stay on as Smith. We got various rotating navigators during the first season until Chekov came in season two. What if they decided to save Mitchell in this one and have him live on? What if the show continued with the cast from this episode with no changes other than maybe assuming they kill off Kelso? It could have been quite different. Mitchell was obviously closer to Kirk than Spock was. Spock was still very distant  at this point and was still that way to an extent in the first few episodes once the show was on. Mitchell at first seemed to have a slight wild streak and was a bit of a flirt. Once the show was on and Mitchell was gone it seems liek Kirk embodied both of those qualities more than he did in  this episode so those qualities amy have been transfered to him from Mitchell once the show was picked up. If this line-up had continued would Spock’s part been increased and would he have been part of a big three with Kirk and Mitchell? Perhaps and that seems more likely that Dr. Piper moving into a big three. Piper just seemed kind of there whereas both McCoy and Dr Boyce from the pilot had solid relationships with their Captains. It may have been a very different Star Trek had they gone on with this cast.

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