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Ten things I liked about Star Trek: Into Darkness


Just went and saw the film today with my son. I won’t be writing a review because the focus of my blog is older films. Maybe when it’s out on DVD I’ll tackle a review. However being a fan and having the film fresh in my mind I just wanted to throw out a quick list. Oh by the way it’s a brilliant movie.

Yes, there are more than ten good things about this film but I am just doing a short list. In no real order…

1-In the opening sequence we see an alien planet that doesn’t look like a desert or a back drop on a budget like we have normally scene with the TOS characters.

2-Klingons! Mean ones with slightly different styled ships. Not in it for long , but still cool.

3- A tribble! A small part but still welcome.

4-The supporting characters get some things to do. Uhura and Scotty more than Sulu and Chekov, but certainly welcome.

5-The pace went at a breakneck speed. It sure didn’t feel two hours long.

6-I think the main characters were given a chance to develop even more in this film.

7-Alien crewmmembers and on the bridge not just in passing.

8-Kirk isn’t always right and neither is Spock, there was a lot of learning from the main characters in this film.

9-The movie explores similar regular Trek themes, but re-examines them.

10-Action, action and more action. Plus it fits into the story nicely. I already heard some negative feedback about this from sour “fans” on their reviews. To which I say if you don’t like it then lock yourself in your house and watch “City on the edge of forever” over and over while drinking your warm milk until you fall asleep, grandpa or grandma.


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