Blood Sabbath


If this dollar store candle doesn’t give me evil power than surely taking my clothes off will.

Who’s in this?

Anthony Geary as David just out Vietnam and wondering around the woods. Geary bounced around doing mainly TV in the early 70’s before landing the role of Luke on General Hospital which is of course what he is most known for.

Susan Damante as Yyalah. Damante had a few roles here and there over the years including episodes of Dallas and Emergency.

Dianne Thorne as Alotta Queen of Witches. Thorne is most known for playing Nazi Ilsa in a series of movies in the 70’s. She worked pretty steadily in the 70’s then just a few roles in the 80’s and she seem to fade away but has a couple of credits listed for this year. She also had a small role in The piece of the action episode of Star Trek.


Ten things I learned from this movie.

1-Hippies like to ride around and squirt beer in the faces of guys walking in the woods.

2-Don’t sleep near naked hippies or the woman will try to take your cash.

3-River nymphs do exists only they wear cheap blond wigs.

4-Old dudes with big sideburns frequently live in homemade shacks out in the woods.

5-Old dues with sideburns in homemad shacks seems to know a lot about witchcraft and wood nymphs.

6-In the early 70’s apparently witchcraft was frequently practiced out in any old woods nearby oh and caves too.

7-Naked woman in satanic rituals will only lead to no good for you if you are a dude.

8-Just because you areĀ  a Vietnam Vet doesn’t mean you have any idea how to deal with naked black magic practicing woman.

9-Don’t sell your soul to the devil.

10-Just because a film has a cool title like Blood Sabbath doesn’t mean it will be any good.

The negatives-The story is a mess, pretty much the film is an excuse to show nudity. If you are expecting scares and such it doesn’t really happen. Although the film does try to be trippy in a low budget kind of way. The acting is lame too.

The positives-Taking on black magic is a little more original than a rubber monster or a slasher, but they don’t have enough to back those ideas up. It’s funny for a little while, but it gets old pretty quick.


I am just walking along not looking for black magic or naked woman or anything like that.