Recent aquisitions


I had my 43 birthday this past Tuesday. I used to like to take off from work on my birthday, but this year I had to work a 12 hour day. It want by fast enough. My wife texted me in the evening to let me know the kids had made something for me and that she was going to let them stay up a little longer than normal to celebrate my birthday once I got off from work. So the kids had each made me hand drawn birthday cards with pictures of the Enterprise and tribbles. We all had cookies and milk (I prefer cookies to cake) while watching the Trouble with Tribbles. It was the best part of the day for sure. My family doesn’t normally get me presents because it’s usually easier for me to just get myself something. So I did for my birthday this year as well. I bought the 2 disc set with Generations and First Contact on it since Wal-mart has it out now while Into Darkness is new. I also ordered a few used films-1976 King Kong which just came in plus A*P*E and King Kong lives but the last two have not come in yet. My wife’s birthday was the previous week so I picked up the 5th and 6th seasons of Third rock from the sun for $5.99 each at Target. My wife and I are both big fans of that show and now we have all of the seasons. Do I need all of these DVDs? No, but I will watch them. So now I have more in the stack to view in the hopefully near future. Expect a review of the 1976 Kong in my Monkey Business week next week plus a review of  A*P*E if it comes soon. If it doesn’t arrive soon then I’ll likely review Konga instead for next week.