Saturday Morning Flashback (On Sunday)-Star Trek



More Tribbles, More Troubles


Guest voices-

Stanley Adams returns as Cyrano Jones, James Doohan (Scotty) does Koloth (William Campbell played him on the Trouble with tribbles),  writer David Gerrold voices Korax (Michael Pataki played him on the Trouble with tribbles)

What’s this about?The Enterprise is pulling these ships containing the grain quadrotriticale when they see a Klingon ship going after a little ship. Oh those dastardly bullies. It’s Kirk to the rescue, but unfortunately they rescue Cyrano Jones and a bunch of all pink Tribbles. Jones apparently now has the tribbles so they don’t reproduce, but just get bigger when they eat. He also has a spindly legged creature called the Glommer which eats tribbles. Oh yeah while this reunion of sorts is going on the Klingons hit the Enterprise with a new weapon. It’s a stasis field that keeps the ship from doing anything for while kind of like a big nap only not as fun. The Enterprise contrls those grain ships and send them at the Klingons and the beardy baddies eventually have to release the Enterprise to deal with all three ships. The Enterprise is free hooray, but one of the grain ships is damaged boo. So they have to bring some of the grain containers over to their ship you know near Jones’ tribbles, yeah you see the problem coming? More run around with the Klingons and grain is spilled. So the pink tribbles pig out and become bigger pink tribbles and they make Kirk made. Kirk eventually just beams a bunch of fat tribbles over to the Klingon ship and the distraction overwhlems them. Koloth says they only wanted the Glommer which they created and they don’t want Jones. Kirk gives them the Glommer which of course can no do nothing against the gigantic pinkalicious tribbles which kind of look like fuzzy cotton candy. McCoy figures out that Jones didn’t really stop  the tribbles from reproducing, but instead just made big tribble colonies. Kirk and crew have pulled off another one on Koloth, a bunch of Tribbles fall on Kirk’s head and the hilarity comes to an end. Roll the animated credits.

The negatives- The plot of fat tribbles doesn’t add a lot. The plot actually just at times feels like an excuse to aqueeze Jones, Tribbles and Koloth back into Trek. The solution of beaming them over to the Klingon ship happens too easily. It”s a shame William Campbell didn’t get to voice Koloth. While the grain ships looks great Jones’ ship looked like the shpae of a Romulan ship only with no detail.

The positives-It’s good to see Cyrano Jones and the tribbles back in some ways and although not as mean as Harry Mudd it’s no surprise that Jones is in troubles again.The stasis field idea is the one part of the episode that helps hold it together better than it could have been. The grain ships looked pretty good for the time. Overall a decent episode.

Animated oddities-We get the regular shots of Spock with no one behind him where there should be people. We see some shots from the backs of people while they talk and Kirk covers his mouth while talking so the animators have to do less work for these short scenes. The oddest shot for this show is when they show the Klingon ship coming at them on the main view screen and there are no stars at all around the ship. So apparently even the stars are scared of Klingons and get out of their way.

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Dr Smith’s Insult of the week


Never fear Smith is here to once again share another insult with you and this week it is Dipety Dunce. So keep that one at the ready this week and unleash it on someone who deserves it. Now I feel the need for a good nap after the exhausting work of coming up with another insult.