My early history with King Kong



I am not sure at what point I saw the original King Kong, but I’m pretty sure that I was young and that it was before the 1976 version came out. However I do know that the original made a huge impact on me-the build-up to unveiling of Kong, his break out and the finale. It made a huge impression on my young monster loving mind. I was already into vampires, mummies and others, but Kong was interesting because he was a real creature only in a gigantic form. Not long after seeing the original ads for the 1976 re-make started popping up in all of the comic books and my six year old jaw hit the floor. The artwork was stunning, but of course back then my mind figured the film had to be as good as the poster which meant it would be spectacular. I’m certain that I begged my parents to take me to see it and that of course didn’t happen so soon I probably forgot about it. Seems like it was 1978 that this version was first shown on TV and my excitement wasn’t as high as it had been in 1976, but I still wanted to see it. I’m a little fuzzy on this but it seems like they showed it over two nights I guess to squeeze lots of commercials in. Anyways I do remember enjoying it particularly Kong’s romp through New York, but it didn’t impact me like the original did. However it did enough to get me interested in Kong again. Some time during 1977 or 1978 I was in Rite Aid drug store with my parents and we went past one of the quarter machines on the way out and asked my dad if I could get something. They didn’t normally give in, but they did that time. I was expecting a plastic ring or some tattoos. Instead I opened the container and there was something black and rubber crammed in there, I yanked it out and it was the Kong pictured below as he looks today residing on my desk at work. I played with him a lot back then building Lego buildings for him to climb up and he had battles with plastic planes and helicoptors too, but he’s lasted well enough. Anyways my love for giant monsters has continued over the years through the good, the bad and the really awful, but Kong had remained one of my favorites to this day. KONG,KONG,KONG,KONG!