Growing up with the Planet of the apes- a short history


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Monkey Business week rolls on here at my blog.

My earliest memory of the Planet of the apes was not of any the movies, but rather the short lived tv series that ran in late 1974. I have just brief memories of monkeys and people running around. My dad wasn’t a big sci-fi fan so either my brother begged to see it or there wasn’t much else on at the time. Someone bought me a Planet of the apes play set around then that had plastic apes, Army soliders for some reason and some plastic trees with a connecting bridge. I am sure that I played with it until it fell apart. For years my only memories of Planet of the apes were that toy set and a few images of the show. In the early 80’s we had a channel that showed a lot sci-fi and horror films in the afternoons. Vincent Price movies and Ray Harryhausen films were common place as it seemed like Mysterious Island and Theater of blood were on almost every month. Then they showed what I thought were Planet of the apes movies. I liked them and they were about two dudes and their chimpanzee buddy running from the mean gorillas, kind of like the Dukes of Hazzard only with more hair and no cars. Wait, two guys? How could that be? Well what I didn’t know at the time was that in the early 80’s someone had the bright idea to reach back and grab those tv episodes from 1974 and put some together and call them movies for the sake of showing them on tv. It would actually be another ten years until I saw a real made for the theater Planet of the apes movie. Flash forward to Halloween 1992 I was a freshman at college and it was Friday night. All my friends went drinking and I ┬ájust wasn’t into it. So sci-fi nerd that I was and still am I went to the films the college was showing for Halloween which was a double bill of Fantastic Voyage which I had seen many times and the 1968 Planet of the apes which I had yet to see. I was thrilled by Planet of the apes as I watched it in awe, if I wasn’t an Apes fan before I was now. It would be another six years until I saw the other four films. AMC showed them over and over for a few weeks and I watched and taped them. My interest in the Apes was even stronger after that. Since that point I have bought all of the movies on DVD plus the show, the cartoon (one day to be reviewed here) and the two other films one of which stunk like stink has never stank before (thanks, Tim Burton) and the 2011 film which was pretty good. There you go.

Hope to review Conquest of the Planet of the Apes on Thursday to keep Monkey Business week going.


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