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The adventures of Superman-All that glitters



Who’s in this?

The regulars-

George Reeves as Superman

Noel Neill as Lois Lane

Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen

John Hamilton as Perry White


Phil Tead as Professor Pepperwinkle

Like almost every other episode of this show there are some bad toughs in suits and hats. You can bet that they are up to no darn good whatsoever.

What’s this about? Professor Winklepoppers has developed a way to make gold, but important people tell him to forget all about that because it could mess up the whole money system for the U.S. of A.  So Professor Pooperwinner puts a lid on that one. However he has also found a way to extract Krytonite and make a pill that will give normal every day smucks the powers of Superman. So Lois and Jimmy woof some down like they are M and M’s. Then they fly around and eventually beat up some bad baddies. Then when Super Jimmy and Super Lois return to see Professor Picklewrappers and Jimmy gets accidently wonked on the head kerpow. He wakes up and turns out he has no powers, but hey that part was all a dream anyhow (wtf?). Hey, we lost the plot quick toss some mean hat wearing types at Professor Purpleweiner and let’s bring back the making gold angle which they force him to do. Turns out it cost more to make this gold than the gold is actually worth so it’s like the crappiest invention ever. Thanks a lot, Professor Plunkerwormer. The bad evil rough and toughs are really mad now, but hey not the youngest Superman ever shows up to stop and save Professor Plumberwoozle. Roll the credits.

The negatives-This was the last episode show and there are better episodes. Really this was a show aimed at kids and it’s more very light action and mystery maybe then it is a Superhero show. Superman is just thrown in to wrap things up. The writing here is very tedious. The acting is what it is. I liked this show when I was like 5, but now it’s more difficult to watch.

The positives-Well, it’s a Superhero show and there is some nostalgia value. George was the first non-animated Superman I ever saw.


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2 responses to “The adventures of Superman-All that glitters

  1. I like his look, but this show has not aged well.

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