My history with Superman


My brother is six years older and he got into comics probably when I was a toddler. So when I got to be about 4-5 I was introduced to comics even though I wasn’t reading yet. Right away I was a Marvel fan even though my brother was a huge DC fan.  Marvel’s heroes and villains definitely appealed to me more. My brother still tried to preach DC’s heroes to me. I probably enjoyed Adam West’s Batman and the 60’s cartoons of Superman and Aquaman more than any DC comic back then. My brother’s favorites were Superman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern. By 1978 my favorite super heroes were Captain America, The hulk, Spidey and the Thing. My brother and like everyone else was excited about the Superman movie coming out. My parents didn’t take us to the movies then, but my brother got to see it with a friend and told me all about it. I got some of the trading cards too and looked at them over and over. My brother got a poster of Superman flying in the film and it was on our bedroom wall for 2-3 years. A few years later I saw the first Superman film when it came on tv and I liked it but honestly it wasn’t until like 8 years later when I saw it in the late 80’s that it really impressed me. Superman 2 was released and I remember thinking the previews looked good, but it would almost another decade until I saw it. By 1982 I was reading some of brother’s older Superman comics and liked them alright. By 1983 my mom took me to a movie on occasion and one Sunday she asked if I wanted to go see Superman 3. Of course it was a chance to do something so I jumped at it. It wasn’t great and I knew it was a goofy film, but I was just glad to go to the movies. As the 80’s went on I got more into comics, but mostly Marvel. I saw the 4th Superman film and it was a disaster, but despite that I started reading more Superman comics at that time. By 1989  Superman had gone from this kind of too perfect hero for my tastes to being my second favorite DC hero (he still is). In the early 90’s I was still liking Superman, but the issues leading up to his death caused me to lose some interest. I read them, but by 1993-94 my interest in Superman dropped some. It wasn’t until 1999 that I started checking out more graphic novels and getting back into liking the Man of steel. In the last decade I have gone back and discovered Lois and Clark plus older Superman cartoons. Still Superman 3 remains the only Superman film I have seen in the theater and as a new film is set for release it has now been over 30 years since there has been a good Superman film. I’m hoping it’s good and that it gets younger kids into this classic hero. There you go.