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Lois and Clark- Vatman


“You’re a Superdork”             “No, you are”


What’s this about?

Superman is in France saving a plane from crashing. Meanwhile back in big old Metropolis Lois, Perry, Jimmy and Clark watch it on TV. Wait, a minute… Clark? How could that be? Some thing is loopy here. So Clark wants to find out what the heck is going on. Eventually he runs into the other Superman who acts like a really little kid only you know with super strength and stuff. Lois suspects this Superman is not real either because he looks at her like she’s a slug. Turns out Lex Luthor is behind this, no surprise there. Lex hired a corrupt scientist to make a close of Superpest with the reason being to train him to whoop the real Superstinker. However as with all evil plans there’s a flaw in the slaw-seems Superclone is fading and so he’ll die so Lex launches him after the real big guy. Eventually there’s a big showdown on an old western town movie set after phoney Supes takes Lois there to lure the real hero in. They battle but pretty soon imitation Supes gets winded and knows he’s not long for this world. He has a change of heart and gets back the lock of hair Lex used to make the clone. Superman (the real one) has to burn the fake Superdude and the lock of hair so there be no more clones. Roll the credits.



What’s up?

The negatives-This show always had a fair amount of humor and that may not be for everyone.

The positives-I make no secrets about being a big fan of this season and season one was my favorite because it had Lex, a developing relationship between Lois and Clark, the better Jimmy plus Clark and Supes are both still figuring out their roles in life. This was a good episode that focused on those roles. I like that Clark and Supes struggle to figure things out at times in this show. Lex is a great villain here as he always has an evil plot brewing and just shows the cocky, nasty attitude that make him a great villain.


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