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Saturday Morning Flashback (a few days late)-Star Trek


Ewww,I can see up that giant guy’s skirt.


Infinite Vulcan

The Enterprise goes to this planet with swirly buildings ands and green hills. Sulu almost dies from contact with a poisonous plant, but a group of intelligent plants help save him. The plant guys show the landing party around. These weird purple bat creatures attack the crew, but really really their goal is to get Spock and one of the creatures flies him off. Kirk is mad grrrr! Where’s Spock? Eventually we learn a giant skirt wearing doofus named Keniculius 5 has taken Spock and made a giant cloned version of him with the goal being he’ll make a bunch of Spocks to try and keep galactic peace. You know because there are not other Vulcans around and if a civilization tried to get Spock’s brain to run their society then a big Spock would really be something. Eventually Kirk and little Spock convince nutbar Keniculius that a race of giants standing guard isn’t the best solution and that instead they should help the plant people on this planet. Okey-dokey, problem solved, roll the animated credits.

The negatives-The first item mentioned about this episode is just about always that Walter Koenig (Chekov) wrote it. Well, he didn’t do Trek any favors. Cloning may have some promise, but the giant part and grabbing Spock is lame. Trek at it’s best pushed the boundaries with writing, this however was second rate ideas at best.

The positives-The planet looks good and the idea of a plant society had some potential. Also we see Sulu flip a plant guy and that was very cool.

Animated oddities-More sleeve stripes being wrong on occasion, but overall not too many oddities in this one.

One of the weaker episodes of the series.



It’s the Vulcan head squish.


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