Sleeping in front of the TV


This isn’t me, but it is what I look like many night after 10:30. I used to be able to stay up easily watching movies and shows, but old age has beaten me down. Actually I normally get up at 5 or 5:30 during the week and maybe 7 on Saturdays and Sunday if I’m not working. Between that, the kids, work, chores and other it just cuts down on my late night TV watching. I look forward to Saturday night’s line-up on ME TV of Batman, Lost in space, Star Trek and a monster movie on Svengoolie. However the last 6-8 months I rarely make it through Svengoolie (10-12) unless I somehow manage to squeeze in an hour nap that afternoon which doesn’t happen so often. I keep hoping I’ll get past this quick eye closing problem, but I’l afraid it’s here to stay unless I get that hour nap during the day.

**Do any of you have this problem? Any other solutions? Keep in mind that putting tootpicks in between my eyelids would not be one of my top options.