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Saturday Morning Flashback-Star Trek (a day early)


Help, I’m trapped in the 1970’s and I can’t get out!



The Magicks of Megas Tu

The Enterprise is going towards the center of the galaxy and everything gets all swirly and colorful, dude. Next thing you know powee this goat guy names Lucien pops up on the bridge all smily and stuff. He has that the laws of physics and junk don’t apply here and like he can practice magic – zowee. Soon Spock draws sort of a pentagram on the floor and they start lighting candles, listening to Black Sabbath and begin practicing magic. Okay maybe the candles and Sabbath didn’t happen, but the pentagram and magic did. Soon plooee the bridge is taken to a planet only it’s like 1700’s dullsville with sourpusses everywhere. They accuse the Enterprise crew of practicing magic like it’s bad thing and spout out some gibberish about their people having been in Salem on Earth and people of that planet couldn’t appreciate witchcraft. Anyways Lucien is supposed to be trapped for ever in a big red bubble. Then Kirk defends him and joy of joys it was all just a test. Lucien is free even though it’s implied he’s the devil. Hey, Kirk you just freed Satan. Roll the animated credits.


Fear my fuzzy legs!

The negatives-Explaining a part of Earth’s history with aliens from another planet was done before on Trek  several times. Here the idea seems rushed like they didn’t think it through at all. This story seems way out of sync with the Trek universe, more like a Space 1999 script.

The positives-The initial scenes of the planet look good. Some of the supporting crew have more lines than usual.

Animated oddities-Behold McCoy’s changing hair color as it hits like three different colors  throughout the episode. His sleeve changes too as he goes from LT. Commander to Commander and back again. At one point the brdige crew is tossed around. Uhura was at her station, but as Spock gets up from the shake up we see a guy in red sitting at Uhura’s station. Maybe he just saw opportunity and jumped into the chair like super fast.

A really strange episode. It’s like the writer had never seen Trek before.


Friday night on the Enterprise.

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