Monster battles in the movies


Monsters and creatures have been battling each other in films almost as long as there have been films. Monsters existed in literature for centuries so when film came around it was no surprise that monsters would become topics and even stars of this new medium. Although monsters vs. man was a popular topic for movies, but everyone who watched monster films at one time another had that competitive part reach out and say I’d like to see this monster take on another monster. Films like the original Lost World and King Kong had giant beasties battling it out. Universal then had almost two decades of success with their monsters in the 30’s and 40’s. The earlier films in that cycle had one monster going through some drama, but after a the novelty was wearing off some the film makers that if people liked one monster in a film then they would be even wilder about two or more. Even though the above film may be called “Frankenstein meets the wolfman” the poster shows a monster battle and I am sure that’s what moviegoers were wanting and hoping for. The 50’s would bring about one of the most popular battling monsters of all time. Even though the first Godzilla film was about more serious concerns in society it didn’t take long for the Big G and his friends and enemies to become the stars of giant monsters battle films for decades. Rubber suits and toy cities aside there was still something exciting about seeing some big creatures duke it out. When I was in elementary school maybe in 1-3 grade I frequently remember debating the outcomes of what would really happen if Frankenstein took on Dracula or who would triumph in a Godzilla vs. King Kong rumble. Granted most kids then were more into Hot Wheels cars and baseball, but there were a few of us monster fans that had out priorities right. The 80’s saw slasher films coming into the limelight and showing a killer ripping people apart before the one survivor somehow either stopped the killer or just got away to keep a door open for the inevitable sequel. Monster vs. monster battles seem to be a lost genre for a while. Godzilla and company would soon be back, but here in the states the beast battles have not been quite as exciting to me in the last few decades as they were years ago. Yes, Jason and Freddy eventually had it out and those Underworld movies put out a slick, but soulless version of vampires vs. werewolves. Still the idea of monster battles is still a topic worth discussing and hopefully some film makers will yet again revive the idea with some positive results.

Monster Battle week marches on with the Monday entry being the Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy.