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Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy AKA-The Aztec Mummy against the humanoid robot


1958 (sometimes listed as 1959 too)

Who’s in this?
Wow, a number of low rent people standing around to earn a paycheck.
The standouts here are probably:
Crox Alverado as Pinacante. Had almost 100 credits over the course of six decades.
Rosa Arenas as Flor Almada. She had over 60 credits including the Witches Mirror.

What’s this about?
The most accurate title might be “A big dull recap of the previous two films followed by a bunch of meaningless talking and finally a lame fight between a mangy mummy and a cardboard box and spraypaint mummy”. That would however be too long for the movie poster or the marquee. Also it gives aways the plot, oh wait that really isn’t much of a plot nor is this much of a movie. Nor is the fight at the “climax” much of a battle. Yes, those MST3000 guys really tore into this one when they covered it. However it is a monster battle. Eventually an evil doctor wants to steal the mummy’s treasure so he creates one of the clunkiest looking robots that was ever half heartedly constructed. The battle is laughable, but still it’s two creatures sort of slugging it out in a bargain basement kind of way.


Look what Fred Sanford just made!

The negatives-It’s just over an hour long and it’s still hard to take because it’s very slow. Remember when you’d be watching a show and they’d do a flashback episode and you’d be highly disppointed? I know I was and this movie spends too much time being a flashback episode. The acting is dry at best. I already described the robot and mummy so you know they are not high grade.

The positives-Low rent or not it’s still a monster battle and a different one at that as mummies don’t usually get in on the fisticuffs action. Although I did read something saying that the Aztecs didn’t do mummification, oh well it’s just a movie. Rosa Arenas is quite stunning despite the poor dialog. I also kind of like the tomb set as far as bottom of the barrell tombs go.


No, these are not your living room drapes!


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    I just sent you two awards. You don’t have to do anything about them unless you want to, but you deserve them so I’d like you to have them, even if only for the badges to put on your site.


  2. Thanks. I’ll take a look.

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