Monsters battles that should have happened

“Oh, Kong you dance like you are floating on air.”

So let’s open up those doors and consider what monster battles should have or should now happen.
In Universal horror the monster meetings began towards the end of the monster cycle and I think some fans consider these multiple monster films to be hokey or that the gimmick of of a monster mash was stronger than the the plots in these films. Maybe but monster fans have some room for seeing different monsters mix it up. From Universal we got some limited views of Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula and the Wolfman going at it, but no other monsters from them. The invisible man for all his insanity and his trouble making was still just a regular dude so he wouldn’t have given any other majoe monsters much of a match. The creature from the black lagoon was from a later time period. Now I always thought a Mummy vs. Dracula movie was possible. Both popped in the states in some of the films and undead vs. undead could be cool.
Hammer films updated a number of classic monsters, but never pitted them against one another. They seemed more interested in just chaning the stories around, but never went the way of pitting two against one another. I think Peter Cushing’s Baron Von Frankenstein pitting a creation against Christopher Lee’s Dracula would have interested me although no doubt some Hammer films would have seen that as being beneath the company’s standards.
Godzilla took on all kinds of beasties most of them multiple times. Yet he and the mighty Kong only went at it once and let’s face it even though it was fun that was a lame Kong. There were rumors that in the early 90’s that Toho considered another match-up of big G vs. King Kong, but when they found out they’d have to shell out some loot for the rights to use the big monkey they lost interest.
Now pitting Godzilla vs. Gamera would be a battle that many people have dreamed of. I don’t think it will ever make it to film, but big lizard vs. big turtle would be a great battle sure to level most of Japan.
Slashers? I never got into the Jason vs. Michael vs. Freddie hoopla because
A)They always seemed more intent on hacking up people then wanting to pattle a fellow meat ripper
B)Slashers never interested me as much as classic or giant monsters.

***So what monster battles would you like to see?

Malfunctions and other problems


At the beginning of yesterday we were without A/C and our land phone line was down (we have dial-up). Today the A/C was fixed. Thursday the phone guy is supposed to come and take a look and I am off from work that day to wait for his arrival. I am hoping he says “hey, it’s our fault and we’ll fix it quickly and it won’t cost you a cent”. Just in case it’s not fixed on Thursday there is a chance I won’t be able to post that day, but here’s hoping that it works out.