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Upcoming stuff and junk


Later today I am hoping to do a Saturday Morning Flashback (a few days early). Then Friday will be a Poster Posting followed by Dr. Smith dropping by a day early on Saturday to share an insult. Then next week  from Sunday through Friday it will be Giant Monsters week with reviews of….

Attack of the giant leeches-Yvette Vickers, a swamp and some garbage bag monsters.

War of the colossal beast-A Bert I. Gordon cheapie about a big dude running around growling.

Attack of the monsters-Flying saucers, aliens and most importantly Gamera.

Mysterious island- Ray Harryhausen throws in lots of giant critters in this adaption of Jules Verne’s novel.

Plus Zardoz will finally return and be by with a giant monster themed funny and maybe there will also  be something about the appeal of giant monsters in the movies. Next week will be chocked full, but the following week will likely be rather thin due to my work schedule.

Happy 4th of July!


About markmc2012

I have watched far too many horror and sc-fi shows in my life. Now I feel the need to share this wealth of knowledge and make others suffer.

2 responses to “Upcoming stuff and junk

  1. This sounds like a great week! I recently watched War of the Colossal Beast (you can read my review of it here, hope you don’t mind the shameless self-advertising: ) I love Attack of the Killer Leeches too, it’s a lot of fun – I look forward to seeing what you think of them!

  2. I have seen all four of the films I am reviewing before. However except for Mysterious Island it’s probably been 4-5 years since I have seen the others so we’ll see how they stand up this week. I remember the leeches being corny but definitely fun and maybe even a little different for the time.

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